Dedicated to aiding CORNELL/CORNWELL/CORNWALL family research in the U.S. and Canada.

Requesting information about families in Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Westchester and adjacent counties of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey before 1800.

Offering many records for ten families who emigrated to Ontario, Canada between 1790 and 1825 from this area of New York (five connected to Thomas Cornell of Essex Co., England and MA, RI, NY) with many thousand individual descendants.

Offering referral to cooperating researchers.

A linked page for Cornell/Cornwell/Cornwall queries anywhere.

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Those with an uncertain Cornell, Cornwell or Cornwall ancestry can benefit from an ongoing DNA project which may help pinpoint which family line you belong to.

Any who are pretty sure they descend from Thomas and Rebecca Cornell or William Cornwell of Middletown, CT can confirm their ancestry by being tested as well as help those of us still in doubt.

Please note that a reduced price is available by joining this group prior to testing. Click on the following link for more information, or you can write me for more information.

Cornwell Project - Family Tree DNA



Requesting your help to update information for any families appearing in the 1902 Cornell Genealogy or the 1975 Cornell genealogy updates of Prentiss Glazier for inclusion in the files available below and also for a further update of the Glazier book (only persons born by 1910).

Announcing availability of a preliminary version of my CDROM which contains the following:New

  • New text version of 1902 Cornell Genealogy.
  • Combined and much expanded version of the 1902 Genealogy plus the 1975 Prentiss Glazier manuscript.
  • The Cornells of Ontario, Michigan & Ohio.
  • The Cornells of Sheffield by Ken Kulp.
  • Photo albums for Canadian and US Cornell families.
  • A collection of sources for both Canadian and US Cornell families
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    Data Base for 1902 CORNELL GENEALOGY.

    "Genealogy of the Cornell Family" by Rev. John Cornell, T.A. Wright Press, New York, 1902 remains the primary reference for the family. The name index unfortunately lumps all those with a given name together. The data base file available here is essentially an expanded index which will allow you to learn more quickly if your ancestor appears in the Genealogy or compare their dates to known family members. This file is made available as a PDF. You may then use the link near the bottom of this web page to view individual pages of the Genealogy.

    Contents by line: (1) Given Name, (2) ID Number from Cornell Genealogy, (3) Date of Birth, (4) Date of Death, (5) Father's Name, (6) His ID, (7) Spouse's Name, (8) Primary Page in Genealogy. It is sorted alphabetically by first name and by birthdate.

    CornellDB.pdf (152k, Updated 5/4/2004)

    Data Base for the 1901 CORNWALL GENEALOGY

    "William Cornwall and His Descendants" by Dr. Edward Everett Cornwall, Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company, New Haven, 1901 is a source for some of those spelling their surname Cornwell and Cornwall. The file below expands on the name index of the book and will help you you learn if your ancestor appears in this important reference. Even though the book uses the Cornwall spelling for all those it describes, many members of this family used the Cornwell surname.

    Contents by line: (1) Given Name, (2) ID Number from Cornwall Genealogy, (3) Date of Birth, (4) Date of Death, (5) Father's Name, (6) His ID, (7) Spouse's Name, (8) Primary Page in Genealogy. It is sorted alphabetically by first name and by birthdate.

    CornwallDB.pdf (84k, Updated 5/6/2004)


    Sylvanus CORNELL/CORNWELL, b. abt. 1752, prob. in Westchester Co., NY, living in Ninepartners, Dutchess Co. during Amer. Revolution, moved to Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY abt. 1787 and then to Waterloo Co., Ont. in 1801, d. 1831/2. Wife in 1808 named Joanna ___. Family:

    1. Sarah, b. 2 Dec. 1777, m. Henry Moore, d. 9 Oct. 1857
    2. Annie, m. John Woolkert, lived in Waterloo Twp.
    3. (Rev.) John A., b. 18 Jan. 1782, m. (1) Nancy Stauffer, m. (2) Huldah ___, m. (3) Nancy ___, d. 5 Dec. 1859
    4. Samuel, b. 8 Jan. 1784, m. Hannah Clemons d. 1 Nov. 1872
    5. Joseph, b. 1786, m. Margaret ___, d. 7 Nov. 1842
    6. Esther, b.c. 1787, m. Joseph Hilborn, d. 1813
    7. Enoch, b. 1790, m. Mary Sipes, d. Oct. 1848
    8. Aaron, b. 5 Apr. 1795, m. Hannah Sipes, d. 14 Dec. 1886
    9. William, b. 1796, m. (1) Catherine ___, m. (2) Elizabeth (Betsey) Carr
    10. Clarissa, b. 18 Jan. 1797, m. John Meriam (b. 19 Feb. 1782, d. 26 Sep. 1854), d. 29 May 1850, both bur. in Sheffield Cem.

    Many descendants in Canada and US, genealogy avail., account in Glazier (1975) is flawed. Revolutionary war records say he was born in Westchester Co. and was 24 at the time of his enlistment in 1776. (128k, Updated 3/11/07)

    Daniel CORNELL/CORNWALL , b. 18 Mar. 1757, perhaps at Cortlandt Manor, NY, was in Dutchess Co., NY in 1779, later living in south central NY, then to Wentworth Co., Ont. by 1794, owned land in Waterloo Co., Ont. in 1801/2, to western NY abt. 1806 and then to Warren Co., OH, d. 1829, m. Zeuriah WISE (dau. Joseph Wise and Judith Healy) abt. 1779. Family:

    1. John D., b. 14 Apr. 1780, m. Sarah Darby/Derby
    2. Benoni/Benony/Benjamin, b. 16 Dec. 1782, m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Cope, d. 3 Jul. 1846
    3. Esther, b. 10 Dec. 1784, m. (?) Rinear VanSickle, d. 26 Jul. 1849
    4. Heli, b. 29 Oct. 1786, m. Electa Lathrop, d. 7 Nov. 1869
    5. Hannah, b. 14 Jan. 1788
    6. Sylvanus/Sylvenus, b. 19 Jul. 1791, m. (1) Sarah Florer, m. (2) Hannah Swain, d. 31 Oct. 1879
    7. Daniel (Jr.), b. 13 Feb. 1794, m. Mary E. Tracy, d. 15 Jan. 1868
    8. George N., b. 25 Mar. 1795, m. Chloe Hand, d. 22 Nov. 1869
    9. Samuel, b. 2 May 1798 in Ontario, m. (1) Susannah Crane, m. (2) Dorothy/Dorthea Buckles, d. 18 Sept. 1883
    10. Zeuriah C., b. 24 Mar. 1805, m. Daniel Holmes

    Many descendants in Canada and US, genealogy avail., account in Glazier (1975) is flawed. (128k, Updated 3/11/07)

    Gabriel CORNELL/CORNWALL, b. abt. 1759/60, lived in western Warwick, Orange Co., NY until 1800, moved to west of Hamilton, Ont. in 1800, d. 13 Sep. 1847, m. (1) Abigail KNAPP (dau. of Samuel of Warwick) in 1780 at Goshen, NY, m. (2) Eve Knowles by 1817, had 10 sons and one daughter:

    1. Samuel, b. 4 Oct. 1782, m. Jemima ___, d. 31 Jul. 1834
    2. John, b. 30 Jun. 1786, m.? Elizabeth Keagey, d.? 1835/6
    3. Nathaniel, b. 24 Aug. 1790 (?), d. 11 Jan. 1823
    4. Thomas (Cornwell), b. 10 Jul. 1791, m. Chloe Emery, d. 1854
    5. Moses, b.c. 1790/5, m. Mary Goodhue, d. 28 Nov. 1855
    6. Jesse, b. 23 Jun. 1796, m. (1) Rachel Rymal, m. (2) Ellenor (Ellen) M. Doyle, d. 23 Jan. 1881
    7. Sarah, b. 1797, m. (1) Samuel Templer, m. (2) Garrett Howell, Jr.
    8. Smith, b. 20 May 1799, m. Lucy Ann Wait in 1823, d. 5 May 1861
    9. Gabriel D. (Cornwell), b.c, 1800, m. Margaret Day, d. 7 Feb. 1885
    10. Daniel, b. 1801, m. Catherine Keagey, d. 17 May 1852
    11. William, b. 1811, m. Phoebe Cornell

    Many descendants in Canada and US, genealogy avail. (148k, Updated 3/11/07)


    The data base included in the family history "The Cornells of Ontario, Michigan & Ohio" (4th Edition, 2007) and which lists members of ten families in Canada and the US (including Sylvanus, Daniel and Gabriel above) plus some unknowns. These are all families who originated in New York before 1825, moved to Canada and then gradually emigrated westward, some coming to the US. (NOTE: Most Cornell families in the US did NOT pass through Canada.) Dates for persons born after about 1910 have been removed to protect their privacy.

    CanDB.pdf (184k, Updated 10/18/05)


    The link below connects to a page which displays and describes a group of documents important to the families of Sylvanus, Daniel and Gabriel Cornell.

    Click here to view document page.


    As an added service to Cornell researchers, the following GEDCOM is derived from the 1975 Cornell genealogy of Prentiss Glazier -- "Thomas Cornell (or Cornwell) (1594-1655/6) of Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island, his English origin and his family in America." This important piece of Cornell research corrects some errors and adds information to the 1902 Cornell Genealogy. Because it was not published and is only available in some libraries, it has not received the attention it deserves.

    Thomas Cornell's parents appear along with their family and their connection to the William Cornwell/Cornwall line of CT. As time allows, information from other sources will be added to expand this file, so check back periodically. Mainly, this file is about US Corn(w)ells; however, it also contains six Canadian families who connect to Thomas.

    Please note the extended coverage of Ezra Cornell and his descendants. Also, all families in the 1902 Cornell Genealogy who did not appear in Glazier have been added to the GEDCOM. The file expands to 2.4 Mb and contains 8811 individuals and 3015 marriages. Recent additions include a group of families on Long Island and also Dutchess Co., NY.

    NOTICE: You are invited to submit your GEDCOMs to extend this file for your own benefit and that of other researchers. Help build an important Cornell resource. Equally valuable are the names of sources I might not have seen and from which I can extract additional information or documentation.

    Included with the GEDCOM is a read_me which shows the sources used. Please be aware that these files contain a copyright notice which specifically forbids them being posted to other Internet services. (604k, Updated 3/11/07)


    In Nov. 2009, Bob Watts took a number of photographs of the old cemetery on the Cornell Homestead at Portsmouth, RI. It's entirely possible Thomas and Rebecca Cornell were interred here along with other early family members. There is clear evidence of 13 other burials in the form of badly eroded remnants of earlier grave stones - in many cases both head and foot stones. The link below will take you to a page where you can see the readable stones and the present state of this cemetery.

    new Click here to view cemetery page.

    REBECCA CORNELL: Was She a Briggs?

    Click on the link below to read a discussion about Rebecca Cornell. Your participation is invited in this topic of general interest to Cornell researchers.

    Also, be aware of the book titled "Killed Strangely, The Death of Rebecca Cornell" by Elaine Forman Crane, Cornell University Press, Ithaca & London, 2002, ISBN 0-8014-4002-5. It contains an interesting examination of the Cornell family at the time of this sad chapter in their lives. Highly recommended.



    In 1867, Ezra Cornell had a notice printed which he probably sent Cornells who wrote him about Cornell ancestry. Two researchers, Rowena Marten and Jane Knobloch, obtained copies of the notice from the Cornell University Library and provided them to me for transcribing.

    "To The Cornells" (PDF)


    Click here to read query pages.

    Please be aware that the focus of the author of this page is on researching Cornell families in central Ontario, Canada and, before 1800, eastern New York. I am, however, making available here several files based on the two major Cornell genealogies as a service to other researchers and which you are welcome to download for your own study. Most of the Cornells for whom I have information appear in one of these files, and I am unlikely to have any knowledge of the many families in the US or Canada outside my research area. Do e-mail me if you have problems downloading these files.

    Please also note the link below to the web page for Family Tree Maker (™ Broderbund Software, Inc.) which has available a search index to their CDROMs of data which do contain many living and older Cornells not included in the above.

    You are welcome to submit queries for addition to this page. Note also the link to the RootsWeb Cornell query page below.

    "Adoptable" CORNELL/CORNWELL/CORNWALL Families and Persons:

    This page lists a collection of strays who have shown up while researching known family members. Your help is invited to identify them.

    Click here to view names and information.

    Photos of Unknown CORNELLs:

    This page displays photos of several unknown Cornells. If you have any ideas on who they are, please write me.

    Click here to view photos.

    To My Sutherland Cousins: Click here to download a picture of DUNROBIN CASTLE in Sutherlandshire, Scotland. This picture was taken in late November 2000 when it was chilly and raining, but it was still a thrill to see this wonderful building once again! This is surely "Cinderella's Castle." The picture is about 256K and will make a lovely desktop decoration. Enjoy ....



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