Your Auburn Area "service" Dealer

        Here at Twin Cities Yamaha we have a "Full Service" Maintenance
    Facility. We offer all the usual Service Department services on Motorcycles,
     ATV's.  Anything from tune-ups to major engine rebuilding are performed in a professional manner. The Customer is kept informed
     as to the estimated cost and expected completion date of each repair.

              We also offer Nickel Silicon Carbide (Nikasil) repair and replating of cylinders
      at a cost much less than sleeving... Call for details.

                                    "Parting is such Sweet Sorrow"
                          Our Parts Department can help you with all your Yamaha Motorcycle,
      ATV, Scooter, Generator parts needs as well as Tigershark watercraft parts.
         We also can source ANY product sold 'after-market' for any of the products
      mentioned as well as most other makes and models.

                        Because of our close proximity to Atlanta, Georgia; We can get overnight
       delivery on most of our parts without the expense of  'Over night' shipping charges.

               We also can offer exceptional prices on Michelin motorcycle tires. We receive
         these tires from Walt Schaefer Cycle Supply right here in Alabama. Walt has been
         the East-of-the-Rockies Michelin race tire Distributor for over 30 Years. If you go
         to any Roadraces you've seen Walt:

                      For any of your Parts and Accessories needs please give US a call or drop
                 us some e-mail and we will do all we can to serve your needs.

 We are eager to serve our customers. If you are interested in any of our "services" or the products we sell, please visit us at our store, call us at (334) 821-0439, or contact us via E-mail.  Please put "Yamaha Parts" in Subject line and  I will accept your address in my address need to fill out the auto emailed 'Request'. Sorry for the inconeinance but hae been getting 3~400 Spams a DAY! Just had to do something.......THANKS!