Bob Lingenfelter's article on healing SRA & MC abuse

Originally published in Perceptions magazine, March/April 1995 issue; later to the net.

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Healing The Effects of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Experiments

by Robert Lingenfelter

Nearly all educated adults acknowledge that intelligence 
agencies of every major government,  including the United 
States, have embarked on efforts to establish and perfect 
technologies of mind control. Ironically, most people are 
unwilling to accept testimony of those who claim to have been 
victims of such experiments.  This is especially true when a 
victim identifies military abuse at the hands of U.S. agencies;
Americans, after all are supposed to be the good guys.  When 
exposed to one such case, someone close to me remarked that he 
would have no trouble accepting any of it...if it had happened 
in the Soviet union.

Those who have done even cursory reading into the subject of 
mind control have heard of the CIA's 1960s project, MK-ULTRA, or 
its predecessor, ARTICHOKE.  These cold war programs gave the 
CIA carte blanche to explore the possibilities of controlling 
the human mind.  Virtually every reference to such experiments 
includes documentation of these two programs as proof of our 
government's willingness to do things that most of us would not 
approve.  What is rarely mentioned is that these "umbrella" 
programs encompass scores of individual projects.

Although details about individual projects are sparse at best, 
in Search for the Manchurian Candidate (Random House, 1980), a 
well-established primer for this subject, author John D. Marks 
documents what was left of their financial trails.  Most 
investigators overlook one very important fact: This 
documentation applies only to the CIA.  Until recently, mind 
control activities of other intelligence agencies have only been 
sources of speculation.

Similarly, when considering issues of government coverups, 
including UFOs, it is assumed that the CIA is "the big dog on 
the block."  Why?  Probably because the CIA is the most visible 
facet of U.S. intelligence, and most of us have been raised to 
associate these three initials with anything "secretive" about 
the United States government.  It is becoming increasingly clear 
that this might not be the case.

:: A New Perspective Emerges ::

A body of information, which grows more compelling almost daily, 
has surfaced in the past few years.  A new perspective on issues 
that range from mind control to "nonhuman" contact is available 
for the first time.  This perspective might have remained hidden 
forever if not for the immeasurable strength and courage of victims 
of various experiments who are beginning to come forward.  These 
people are beginning to recover memories suppressed by technological 
means and to heal wounds inflicted upon them in the name of national 
security.  As noted in Gordon Thomas' Journey Into Madness, The 
True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse (Bantam, 
1989), these are not merely victims of random experiments funded 
by the CIA at medical or academic institutions such as Canada's 
Allen Memorial Hospital (some of whom have received out-of-court 
settlements from the CIA in response to legal action).  An 
increasing number of victims now emerging recall details of 
experiments that involve different agencies and military 
installations, and even include being used by "operations" as 
mind-controlled human tools.

Why have such memories surfaced?  How can spontaneous memories 
of being used as an emotionless military-human tool be put into 
context?  What do these victims and their accounts have in common?  
Are there researchable facts?

For decades the psychological community's knee-jerk reaction- 
and that of society as a whole- has been that anyone who claims 
experiences beyond what fit into the observer's comfort zone is 
clearly "crazy."  I have interviewed dozens of clinicians across 
the country who proudly say that they are "not" investigators 
and feel no compulsion to aid patients who seek corroboration of 
seemingly outlandish memories that surface in the course of 
therapy.  I have also been involved in a case in which four 
therapists disregarded corroborated memories as delusions, 
solely because of the horrific nature of the abuse.

For most of this century, victims of sexual abuse were thought 
to be "neurotic" or delusional.  Until the past decade, people 
struggling to heal from multiple personalities and ritualized 
abuse were diagnosed as schizophrenic or as suffering from a 
schizophrenic disorder.  Ritual abuse does not necessarily mean 
Satanism.  Rather it includes repeated, highly-structured abuse 
over a long period of time.  The patterns of abuse can be 
superimposed on virtually any orthodox belief system.

Survivors have been hospitalized and drugged until they stopped 
displaying "symptoms" that were unpalatable to clinicians.  Yet, 
these symptoms are often an integral part of the natural healing 
processes.  This is where the connection lies.

When multiple personality disorder began to gain acceptance as 
an identifiable and treatable product of extreme dissociation, 
it forced the psychological community to accept the existence of 
a form of child abuse that was previously inconceivable.  Only 
recently have the multifaceted systems of personalities in such 
victims been identified as structured MPD- the creation of alter 
personalities who carry certain beliefs or "jobs" as a result of 
deliberately structured patterns of abuse.  In other words... 
mind control.

Simply put, when subjected to extreme trauma, many children 
dissociate or withdraw into their own minds as a form of escape. 
This leaves a void that is filled by the creation of another 
personality who bears the pain.  When the trauma ceases, the 
original person is unaware of what happened.  Because it 
happened to "someone else," the victim is spared the horror or 
pain.  As more and more abuse is inflicted, more "alters" are 
created.  This establishes a "system of traumatized victims" 
residing beneath amnesiac barriers within the mind of the 
"multiple."  These "traumatized alters" can be hollow and 
fragmented or they can be complete "snap shots" of the victim at 
the time of splitting that have remained frozen in pain though 
decades passed.  Until alters are allowed to emerge and heal, 
memories as well as physical trauma are preserved with 
photographic accuracy.  When this includes reliving horrific 
experiences through abreaction, it becomes one of the symptoms" 
that has confused psychological professionals for years.

Once a propensity for splitting is established, other 
personalities are created, often to care for the injured 
children "inside."  Other personalities may emerge as protectors 
or to keep the secrets of abuse hidden, because letting out the 
information would bring the "group" more abuse.  These natural 
survival mechanisms can and have been manipulated to create 
"layers" of alters on more subliminal levels.  These adaptive 
alters can be programmed to perpetuate the will of the abusers 
and even respond to "triggers" to carry out tasks without the 
knowledge of the "host personality."

Deeper layers of "programmed" alters have been discovered in 
adult multiples who have had the strength, courage and support 
to heal their internal "family."  Often these are enemies within 
who attempt to stifle the healing process rather than to allow 
the secrets out.  After successful deprogramming, levels of 
sophisticated mind-control efforts that penetrate deeper and 
deeper into the mind have been discovered.  Some have identified 
specific government agencies using drugs, excessive electro-
convulsive therapy (ECT) "tones" and other technology to induce 
complex "altered states" and break down the victim's personal 

:: A Brutal History ::

It is from this hidden place, deep within the minds of helpless 
victims, that some of the most brutal endeavors in human history 
have been waiting to be revealed.  By manipulating natural 
processes of dissociation, perpetrators preserved in their 
victims the very memories they sought to erase.  They pushed the 
mechanisms of multiple personalities in the minds of children 
beyond their limits at a time when the international 
psychological community thought the condition was a myth.

Wait!  Experimenting on children?  Adults finding that their 
lives are shattered by emerging memories of horrific abuse?  
"Layers" of hidden places within minds trying to heal from 
severe trauma, including brutal sexual, physical and emotional 
abuse?  How credible could such accounts be?  Why?

Patients in advanced stages of their healing processes have 
spontaneously recalled and "relived" being exchanged or handed 
over to government or military personnel as early as age three.  
Completely independent cases recall being among groups of 
children who were tested for their psychic ability and debriefed 
in military settings.  Interrogations by one intelligence agency 
to find out what another agency was doing was common.  
Experiments included attempts to communicate with dolphins.  
Other reports from underground facilities in Nevada, New Mexico 
and California have included exposure to extraterrestrials.

Bizarre?  Yes, and unbelievable if not for researchable 
consistency.  Victim testimony for example, includes aspects of 
the inner workings of the National Security Agency (NSA), such 
as the use of color coding in security compartmentalization.  
They have clearly identified medical and mind-control technology 
that is known to exist, such as electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) 
as a memory disruption tool.  This was one of the noted side 
effects of ECT, which was taken to an extreme in CIA-funded 
experiments.  At least one victim has accurately described 
remote facilities that have been confirmed to exist, such as an 
NSA retreat nicknamed "The Farm," near Wilmington, Virginia.  
This, combined with the sheer numbers of spontaneously emerging 
cases, offers a compelling body of information.

This is the coupling of perhaps the most complex psychological, 
political and conspiratorial issues ever raised.  Has the 
government been involved in fostering occult activity in certain 
groups for the sake of creating a "farming ground" for mind-
control subjects?  CIA funding of occult research is well 
documented through the remaining financial record of that 
agency's operations.  Is there truth to the content of memories 
preserved through suppression for nearly three decades?  My own 
research indicates there is.  Details have been as striking as 
literal translations of foreign languages overheard by victims; 
and of corroborations between unrelated cases that have 
identified the same perpetrator in the same place at the same 

Just as UFO abductee claims gain impetus from the sheer number 
of unrelated, yet nearly identical cases, many surfacing mind-
control victims describe identical experiences.  One big 
difference is that beneath complex layers of conditioned 
responses and barriers to memory, these victims are identifying 
human technology that can be verified to exist, including the 
use of tone-generating devices and electro-convulsive-therapy 
equipment as tools to manipulate the mind or to suppress the 

Accounts of "nonhuman" contact or of witnessing abductions of 
"civilians" are consistent with abductee reports.  In fact, the 
only real obstacle to receiving these reports with some degree 
of credibility is the belief that no individual could endure so 
much.  It is a conceptual limitation not a contradiction in the 
memory of the victim.

[Bob Lingenfelter is the significant other of one such survivor 
and is founder of the Society for the Investigation of 
Dissociative Response, a professional association dedicated to 
research, therapeutic development and survivor support.]
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