Deep Black Magic

Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control

This site is devoted to exposing over forty years of U.S. government research into Extra Sensory Perception and the psychological 'technology' of individual mind control using drugs, hypnosis and abuse. It is an attempt to provide access to mainstream resources about this subject and to offer support to 'veterans' of the U.S. intelligence community's research and operational programs.

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NOTE: Items 2 - 9 below are based on a paper I wrote in 1994, before the public admissions about CIA funded ESP research.
  1. Introduction
  2. Useful ESP: Where's the Beef?
  3. History of Modern Research in PK and RV.
  4. History of MK-ULTRA. CIA program on Mind Control.
  5. Current Developments and Reports.
  6. Some of the players.
  7. A Discussion of The Controllers by Martin Cannon.
  8. Putting It All Together in the Land of Speculation.
  9. Annotated Bibliography
  10. Veterans' Corner
  11. The Legislative Corner
  12. In The News!
  13. Other related links and resources.
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