In the past several years there has been a great deal of interest in the topics of Mind Control, Psychic Spying, Classified Human Experimentation, and our government's role, if any, in such unusual areas of research. Nowhere has this interest been more obvious than on the NET. There is a tremendous amount of information about these topics out there, and ultimately each reader must make their own decisions about the validity of the information they find.

I have tried to show that the US Intelligence Community has had a documented interest in these three areas, and that there is some overlap between them. Many of the details of the CIA's MK-ULTRA programs have been publicized since the Church hearings in the 70's. The CIA's interest in parapsychology has broken the surface of the news several times since the 70's as well, but the fall of 1995 opened the floodgates concerning 'Psychic Spying' with the announcements about projects 'Grill Flame' and 'Stargate.' Classified human experimentation has been exposed in all its horror with the Office of Human Radiation Experiments' reports on 50 years of human rights abuses in the name of science and the cold war.

If one accepts Remote Viewing as an intelligence gathering mechanism of unique capabilities, even if only sporadically, then the question of how to control or limit its use by the Remote Viewers certainly becomes relevant. Even in the Intelligence Community itself, access to raw intelligence and the methods of collection has always been severely limited. Once the intellectual hurdles of accepting that RV works had been overcome, I feel certain that the next items on the agenda would be counter-measures and control of the remote viewing assets.

Some of the discussion about mind control has centered on the use of drugs and hypnosis for gaining control of an individual and modifying their behavior. Both of these avenues of research were strenuously pursued by the CIA. As can be seen further on in my site, a prominent hypnotist has admitted going so far as to create whole alternate personalities for intelligence agents during WWII. There is a substantial debate raging these days over whether severe physical and psychological trauma during childhood can cause the creation of alternate or multiple personalities as well, through much the same mechanism as hypnosis, namely dissociation.

Anthropologists, as well as therapists working with multiple personality disorder, have discovered links between trauma and parapsychological abilities. Parapsychology archives are full of reports where tragedies and accidents triggered parapsychological events of all kinds. Even anecdotal reports from combat soldiers support the connection between trauma, stress, and parapsychology.

I feel that the US Intelligence Community has long been aware of these relationships and has specifically made use of drugs, hypnosis, stress, and trauma-based conditioning to:
a. enhance the extended perception abilities of certain experimental subjects, and
b. control and compartmentalize these abilities via hypnotic suggestion and the creation of alternate personalities so that they would not easily be available to the subject, but only upon approval by authorized intelligence officers.

I believe that these pages show this speculation is at least worth considering, and that the US Intelligence Community has had the motive, the opportunity, and the means, to say nothing of the ruthlessness, to pursue this line of research.