Links to Related Sites and Resources

Intelligence & Mind Control related sites:
False Memory Syndrome Foundation
As the Don says: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"
MK-ULTRA alumni Martin Orne, Louis Jolyon West, and Michael Persinger are advisory board members, as well as skepti-bunker James Randi, certainly a fish out of water in this crowd of psychiatrists and psychologists.
Operation Clambake
Collection of resources devoted to ongoing Church of Scientology investigations. COS stands as an eye-opening example of what dedicated, secretive individuals can do regarding both mass psychological and media manipulation and individual mind control. Rumors of links to govt. research programs and COS programs operating as cutouts to govt. research abound.
Mind Control Forum, Readings Against Mind Control
This is an archive copy of Ed Light's MCF site. He used to run this site, which used to be affiliated with the Freedom of Thought Foundation until Walter Bowart decided to set up his own WEB site.
Federation of American Scientists "Intelligence Reform Project"
Excellent source of volumes of info on CIA & NSA.

Abuse, Psychiatric, & Medical related resources of interest to Veterans:
Sorry this part is taking a while, its hard to find text resources that are in the public domain, although a great deal exists in research databases like PSYCHLIT. I am looking for helpful abuse & recovery sites as well. Let me know of any you know about! BUT Here is a start:
The Wounded Healer:
Support and connectivity for psychotherapists and other survivors of trauma and abuse. Great comprehensive resources for victims of all kinds of abuse. Highly recommended!
Ritual Abuse home page
This is a fairly balanced source of information on Ritual Abuse, included mostly for its use as a pointer to more resources. The issue of how much Satanic Ritual Abuse is going on is very complex and emotionally charged. It's difficult to evaluate a particular site as good or bad, realistic or paranoid without upsetting someone, so I try not to do it much!
Parapsychology Resources:
Cambridge University Mind/Matter Unification Project
Professor Brian Josephson heads this up. Very good resources on quantum physics basis for non-locality of consciousness, etc.
SAIC Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
Self Described CIA Funded ESP research center. MUST SEE!!
(By the way, I wrote about this on Compuserve and FIDO-net two years ago! )
Rhine Research Center
Durham, NC (Used to be F.R.N.M)
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab
Have done extensive studies on man/machine interactions. Authors of "Margins of Reality" work here. Parapsychology FAQ
Lyn Buchanan's home page
Lyn is an ex-military RV'er who worked with Gen. Al Stubblebine. His page is a MUST SEE site. Lots of info and a great selection of messages from other 'Project' RV'ers. Changes almost daily.
Earl Curley 'Rogue Elephant' of the on-line psychic world, squasher of skeptics.
No disrespect meant, but this is a page worth hitting, claims serious govt. involvement, and much more.
I-Net Privacy and Search Engine resources:
Non Technical PGP FAQ
Andre Bacard's introductory guide to PGP
Pretty Good Privacy MIT Distribution site
Place to get PGP, your cyber defense against surveillance!
Timothy May's comprehensive guide to everything you wanted to know about computers, privacy and your government's efforts to spy on your E-mail!
is a vital research tool for anyone looking into the activities of the Intelligence Community. Now available via WWW through this link. See my other mention of PIR for addresses and more.
HOTBOT gets high marks for completeness and ease of use, recommended.
InfoSeek Net Search
InfoSeek Net Search is the one of the most powerful and popular way to search the Web. Just type your question in plain English or enter words and phrases. Helpful Tips