IV. Current Developments and Reports.

- Reports of Project SCANNATE in 70's, most likely done by Swann, since his method for RV is very similar to that reportedly used in this project; namely providing lat. & long. coords and telling what is there. Later changed to assigning random number for unique session number and Swann picked up location anyway.

- "The New Age Army:" Over the past 10 - 15 years a number of military personnel, most in significant positions in Military Intelligence, have expressed interest in and directed programs or projects that have explored paranormal activities and capabilities. Several government studies on Enhancing Human Performance took place during this time. Most, if not all of them, were savaged in the NRC study on Enhancing Human Performance, but recent critiques and rebuttals of this study have indicated severe irregularities in the evaluation procedures for papers submitted to the NRC study, suppression of favorable results, and a definitely one-sided evaluation panel.

- Much modern research in parapsychology tends to support the idea that Enhanced Perception is a survival-related trait from our distant past, not the tip of the iceberg as far as new emerging human powers go. This is supported by the observation that many psychic episodes center around catastrophic or traumatic events. Studies of Siberian and Eskimo shamans also show the development of ESP or similar shamanic powers due to injury, exposure to cold, and isolation. Dissociation with tendencies towards Multiple Personality Disorder also occurs in these Shamans due to their ordeals. This is in contrast to the experiences of most tropical shamans who tend to find their powers through exposure to mind-altering drugs.

The Vietnam war, with its exceedingly stressful combat environment of no clear-cut enemies combined with ambush being the normal way of making contact, produced a large body of individual reports stressing enhanced perception and awareness. This showed up as detecting ambushes and booby-traps before they were sprung; detecting the presence of enemy soldiers without any conscious sign of them; time dilation when bullets could be seen slowly traveling around the battlefield, and even reports of soldiers avoiding those bullets by jumping out of their paths as they were shot at.

Dr. Ian Wickramasekera of Eastern Virginia Medical School has studied the expansion of sensory input during trauma which would lead to time dilation, etc. This gentleman has also studied the effects of sensory deprivation on hypnotic susceptibility in young women.

In a recent article in U.S. News & World Report, John Gittinger, a CIA psychologist associated with a CIA front organization, the Human Ecology Society admitted to knowledge of experiments in developing ESP by giving electric shocks to subjects when they gave wrong answers.

- Recently, a Russian researcher in psychotronics, Dr. Igor Smirnov, has helped to start up a new Virginia company, called Psycho-Technologies, I believe. It is supposed to conduct research on various kinds of LTL technology, with a concentration on Soviet-developed psychotronic warfare capabilities involving the use of electromagnetic and sonic waves to influence and disable individuals or crowds. Supposedly this ranges from simply falling to influencing peoples thoughts via audio or visual subliminal messages.