VI. The Controllers by Martin Cannon.

One of the better discussions of current government mind control research is "The Controllers" by Martin Cannon. This monograph, over sixty pages in length, makes an excellent case that some alien abduction reports are merely the results of screen memories created by government researchers to cover up their mind control activities. The recurring problem, mentioned many times in John Mark's book "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate", has been the difficulty in finding subjects that would not discuss their participation in secret experiments after they were completed. Military personnel could be ordered not to, assuming they remembered any details of their experience. Involuntary or civilian subjects could not be handled so easily.

Cannon makes a good case for the creation of screen memories as a way to handle the "experiment termination" problem. If total amnesia was introduced, subjects would have lost time to account for, and the human mind is resilient enough to try to fill in the details in such an obvious gap. Furnishing screen memories of alien abductions tends to: A. fill that gap, B. test the effectiveness of techniques for creating screen memories, and C. steer the subject away from discussing their experiences due to the ridiculous nature of their "memories".

Without going into too much detail, Cannon makes a good case for his hypothesis, based on anachronistic and out of character features found in many abduction accounts. He has a mass of supporting evidence demonstrating the current state of research being easily capable of generating such screen memories with the use of drug-augmented hypnosis. Current miniaturization of Virtual Reality gear means that a person could be presented with convincing images and sounds of alien beings and spaceships, all while under the effects of hallucinogenic/sedative/psychomimetic drugs. An interesting portion of Cannon's monograph deals with the recurring mixture of references to psychic phenomena and military involvement in many abduction cases. This work is well worth reading.

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