VII. Putting It All Together in the Land of Speculation.

I have tried to show that there has been continued interest in "Extended Perception" and other psychic phenomena by varied government agencies. Their interest in mind-control is well documented and extremely unsettling. In order to go any further it is necessary to recap some key factors to remember about ESP-related psychic phenomena and mind control:

- "ESP", for lack of a better term, appears to be a survival-related holdover from more primitive times which tends to emerge at times of physical or mental stress or trauma. Severe trauma is also associated with dissociation and its extreme form, MPD. Stress-induced dissociation and personality fracturing was studied extensively during the MK-ULTRA program.

- ESP tends to appear in certain personality types, which are also associated with high levels of creativity and empathy, a tendency towards dissociation, and high levels of hypnotic susceptibility. You might guess that these individuals do not seem to flock to military or government service! The occurrence of ESP also depends on belief in and prior occurrence of ESP.

- The very existence of effective RV and PK capabilities would certainly be a national security issue, given the ramifications for the intelligence and military communities. There would be a vested interest in dissuading the general population from belief in these abilities, since belief is a critical component of the ability. This accounts for the confusing, contradictory, and disparaging flood of information from official and semi-official sources as to existence and legitimacy of research into ESP and related areas.

- There would be a strong desire for secrecy in any research, development, or operational deployment of these abilities. Obviously, locating "natural talents" would be quite important, since rogue RV'ers might trip over secrets they were not meant to have, or be coerced into working for other criminal groups or foreign intelligence services.

- There is compelling evidence that mind control research continues and operational techniques have been developed. Some percentage of "alien abduction" cases suggest instead that they are the results of memory manipulation instead. A subset of those cases involve military intelligence personnel and psychic phenomena.

This leads me to my final speculation:
- The "ideal" C.I.A. (N.S.A./O.N.I. etc., etc.) psychic talent would probably not be found in government or military ranks. This would necessitate locating these talents in some other fashion, most likely through New Age conferences, psychic workshops, or talent spotting at New Age festivals such as Starwood, or the Pagan Spirit Gathering.

- Since this talent would most likely be a civilian, not cleared for classified materials, it would be best if they did not even know they were being contacted by C.I.A. personnel, nor would it be desirable for them to remember any information developed through psychic means and passed on to our intelligence agencies. The ability to induce amnesia through chemical and hypnotic means and to create screen memories to cover activities during these amnesiac periods has been demonstrated.

- Severe stress and trauma has been shown to both improve psychic abilities and induce dissociation, sometimes leading to MPD. The use of alternate personalities to keep classified information secure has been documented.

- I believe that it is entirely possible to locate potential psychic talents and develop them into the equivalent of "Remote Viewing Robots" through the use of drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and severe psychological and physical trauma, otherwise known as torture. I believe that at first, these individuals might not know the full extent of their abuses and exploitation due to the current capabilities of mind control. Depending on their family circumstances, such individuals might simply disappear, or their experiences might be masked as alien abductions or other supposedly improbable events such as satanistic ritual abuse. I believe that our government has the means and the motivation to carry out such activities, and they certainly have the opportunity to do so.

I have attached an annotated bibliography to this presentation. A larger bibliography is available by E-mail if you are interested.