SITPCRA changes name and sets new conference date!

International Council on Cultism and Ritual Trauma

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I got a letter from Pamela Perskin, executive director of the Society for the Investigation, Treatment, and Prevention of Cult and Ritual Abuse, the other day with exciting news. These folks are doing a very good job of trying to publicize the unknown tragedy in our midst. Pamela Perskin is a co-author of a very good book on the history of Ritual Abuse.

Here are some excerpts:
....The board of directors of the Society has elected to change the name for the sake of clarity. The new name is the International Council on Cultism and Ritual Trauma. There will be a conference in 1996 entitled Cult and Ritual Abuse: Psychological, Legal and Social Remedies. It will take place at the Bristol Suites Hotel in Dallas, Texas from April 11-14, 1996. Confirmed presenters include Bennett Braun, M.D., Sylvia Gillotte (office of the governor of South Carolina Attorney Ad Litem program), Jerry Mungadze, Ph.D., L.P.C., Claire Reeves of Mothers Against Sexual Assault, Robert Rockwell, M.D., Phil and Kathleen Sheldon of Survivors and Victims Empowered, Beth Vargo of Believe the Children, Steven Vasquez, Ph.D., Phil Villaume and Robbie Malone (attorneys who represent attorneys against allegations of FMS), Valarie Woolf, Randy Noblitt, Ph.D., Walter Bowart, and many more.....
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