Why the term Veterans?

Initially people spoke of 'victims' of abuse and human experimentation, and they are certainly that. Then the term 'survivors' came to be used in many cases, and this works as well.

Each of these terms, to me at least, implies a certain helplessness or passivity which NONE of the abuse 'victims' I have talked to exhibit in any way! All of these individuals are involved in a desparate personal struggle for the freedom of their very souls, and this fight is with them every day. At the least they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and at the worst they are fighting to free themselves from insidious hypnotic conditioning and programming that causes them to subvert and betray their own day-to-day efforts to protect themselves.

Since these individuals are involved in a fierce battle every day of their lives, and since a great many of them found themselves 'drafted' into the service of their country, I feel comfortable using the term Veterans to describe them. We all need to honor and respect the efforts these veterans have made and continue to make each and every day.

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