New Pictures: January 12th


Once completed, this home will be one of the most environmentally-friendly and energy efficient homes in metro-Atlanta. Built upon the principles of Southface’s Earthcraft House® program, and designed as a Not So Big House®, it should both complement the existing neighborhood, and enhance the value of the community. But perhaps most of all, it is meant to be a model for future Earth-friendly home construction, and prove that quality homes need not cost more nor look like they were designed by architects from another planet.

Here's a quick guide to what you will find on this website:

  • About the House: Get an overview of how the concept of the house came to be, who the future owner will be, the builder, and some of the concepts that are key to its design.
  • Floor Plans: View schematics of the floor plans and outside design of the home, and some commentary on various components of the layout.
  • Technologies: (Updated!) This home will utilized dozens of energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies. Learn a little about each one, and how to research more about them.
  • Friends: Learn about all of the friends and supporters who have contributed to making this house possible.
  • Pictures: (Last Update: 1/12/04) We'll be taking lots of pictures of the home throughout the construction process, along with a little commentary of what each means. Check back often for new updates!
  • Earthcraft House: Southface Energy Institute has been working in Atlanta for years to make our vibrant homebuilding industry more responsive to the needs of our communities and our ecosystem life support systems. Learn more about their good work.

Questions? Email the owner.