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Hi! Welcome to my website. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself first, huh. Well, I've always dreamed of being a painter. When I was introduced anime and manga, it was love at first site. About three years ago I started doing portfolio pics. Since then I have done the artwork for a few short stories, "King of Han's Bride"(- a chineese love story), "Pureblood" (- vampire story), etc, in the comic "Wild Side". Currently I'm working on the comic series "Petal Storm" (once called HIVE).
It is a cvil war/ love story seen through the eyes of bees.
Hope you enjoy the artwork. ^-^

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Current Comics: Coming Soon
Petal Storm -Written by Paul Kidd
Other Comix and Credits:
Wild Side #1 -King of Han's Bride- Written by Paul Kidd -United Publication
Wild Side #2 -Pureblood- Written by Paul Kidd -United Publication
Wild Side #5 Eldrian Who? -United Publication
Furplay and Midnight Sands Portfolios. (adults only)

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