Field Day 2007

Last June, 2006 was our first attempt at a Field Day. A few of my ham buddies grabbed some radios, threw some wires up in trees and tried to see if we could actually pull off a Field Day and generate RF. We did it so we decided to do a little bit better for 2007.

Our Field Day site is an athletic field with goal posts at each end. In 2006, we stretched an long wire between the goal posts (approximately 300 ft.) and used that as a SSB antenna. We didn't get the results we wanted so we decided to try to put up a more aggressive antenna....a full size beam.

Since we hadn't been very serious about Field Day the first time, we didn't want to invest a lot of money in the beam/tower project. So...I started looking around for a used beam. There are plenty of them around but I couldn't find one in the St. Louis area. Then one day, I was checking our local Craigslist and found a listing for a Mosley TA-33 tribander. The seller was Larry Steimel KDDG. Larry showed us a beam that had been disassembled and stored on the ground for about 15 years.

Here is a photo of it as we first saw it:

He assured us that the beam had been working just fine when he disassembled it 15 years ago. Larry listened to our pitiful story about Field Day and agreed to sell us the TA-33 for $50.00 (thanks Larry!).

Luckily, one of the prinicpal organizers of our Field Day event is Bill Plumpe, WETR. Bill has a full machine shop and we put it to good use refurbishing the TA-33. First thing we did was gently clamp the traps in a vice and begin disassembling them by pulling the end caps off:

Next...we removed the screws that attach the coil in the trap to the trap cover.

Then we slid each trap out of it's cover. Some didn't look too bad:

Others were caked with mud:

Still others had insect nets inside:

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