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Here are some picture links:
(Warning slow load due to pictures!)

Eventually I'll scan in some pics from Columbia and Italy, but then we're talking ancient history!

People in my Life

Skiing at Tahoe

Hell trip to Banff

Washington DC

Korky and Coco (My Dogs)

Some Fun Times!


Hawaiian Adventure

Life in California

My Suzuki SV650

A few new pictures, starring Charmain and Chris' new Daughter, Mai-Lan

Family Photos - starring Mai-Lan

Ex-Itron Employee Contact Web Page

University of Toronto - Engineering Science

I have a degree in Engineering Science. Everyone asks me what the heck Engineering Science is
This is what it is


San Francisco

A good site for things to do - San Francisco Sidewalk
Bay Area Stuff


Fun Sites

Cecil Adam's Straight Dope - Answer's to all those burning issues
A great Urban Legend site

Gaming Sites

PC Gamer Magazine
Planet Quake - for all your Quaking needs


Hardware Sites

The king of Hardware - Tom Pabst!


News Sites

Toronto Star
Toronto Sun
San Jose Mercury News
San Francisco Examiner


Motorcycle Links

 Kawasaki Ninja Enthusiast's Forum
 A page of Tips and Techniques, along with some interesting articles and points of view
 Motorcycleworld Magazine Online


Other Dumb Sites

Adrian Lok

FAQ Site of Madness

Holy cow, there are a lot of FAQs here!

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