Just some Fun times, and some random pictures!


Tammi and I go to Marine World

Some dolphins in Monterey, I think we saw about 300 in a pod that day, racing along our boat! Totally cool!

Buffet table after whitewater rafting on the Cache River! (Me, Tammi, Emily, Bob)

Intrepid rafters! (Celeste, Dale, Becky, Chris, Tammi, Emily)

Adrian and I pose with Jack (note the dislocated shoulder...)

Tammi and I again, note the floating "ISLAND" behind us, which is actually a boat with a restaurant! (Go to Pier 39 for this lovely thing)

NOTE: Only Charmaine is pregnant, the rest of us are just fat...note also the bizarre motorcycle cake!

Mom's Birthday! Double Cake! (One cake was not enough for all the candles...just joking Mom!)

Tam in San Francisco


Me, in 1968