Installing Intuitive Frame Sliders for the SV650


This is a real easy installation takes about 10 minute if you are strong. Might take more time if you need to get a friend to help you remove some bolts. The payoff is protection for your bike in case of tip-overs. They might save more expensive bodywork and controls. The hard part was figuring out which bolts to remove and how much torque to put them back in.

What are they?

"Frame Sliders" are little plastic tubes that attach to your frame and stick out such that if you crash your bike or it gets tipped over, the sliders will hit the ground first and hopefully prevent damage to you tank, your fairings and all the other bits that stick out and like to get knocked off in a spill.

Who sells 'em?

Mine are from Intuitive Race Products but there are many other brands. There are two versions that you can buy. The normal ones and the "pro" ones. The Pro sets are twice as expensive, but they fit on the bike symmetrically using the long engine bolt on the front cylinder. The regular ones fit asymmetrically on the bike and look kind of odd. ie; the left slider mounts on an engine mount bolt on the front cylinder and the right side fits on an engine bolt on the rear cylinder!


The Intuitive frame sliders are easy to install, you basically remove two engine mounting bolts from your frame and replace them with the longer ones supplied in the kit.


10 mm socket, socket extender, socket wrench, torque wrench


Kit Parts:

The kit comes with two plastic sliders with aluminum washers embedding inside them, a thick washer and short bolt for the left side and a thin washer and long bolt for the right side. Note that the longer plastic piece is for the right side and that the sliders do not fit on the bike symmetrically! Also note: I made a booboo on this picture, the longer bolt and thin washer go with the shorter plastic bit and vice versa.

Step 1:

Remove the right side engine bolt. If you have the Suzuki service manual, look on page 3-15 and you'll see it is bolt #9 and is has a proper torque of 40 ft-lbs or 55 N-m. I had a tough time with this bolt, but good ol' brute strength won the day. I knew I was going to the gym for some reason! (Other than making myself into a living Adonis, that is ;) ). You might want to get some leverage by slipping a pipe (breaking bar) over the handle of your wrench. I didn't have one so I just hauled up on it until some veins popped in my forehead and I had to go inside to change my pants!

Now use the short bolt supplied with the kit and the thick washer. The washer goes between the frame and the slider, there is already a washer inside the slider. You will now see why you need the socket extender as the bolt goes way deep inside the slider. Tighten the bolt using your torque wrench to 40 lb-ft (55 N-m).

Step 2:

Wow! We're half done already! As a fun game, see if you can find the correct bolt in this picture. Here's a hint; it tastes like grease.

Give up? Here's another hint. There is a huge pink arrow pointing to it and it's circled! You will notice that it is NOT in the same place as the right side side slider is! Weird! (If you are very keen, you will have noticed that the gear selector on this bike is broken! That is why we put these sliders on, so that we don't have to pay Suzuki 62 bucks for a new one!)

Remove this bolt. It is bolt #2 on page 3-15 of the Suzuki service manual. It also requires a torque of 40 ft-lb (55 N-m)

Now using the remaining slider, bolt and washer attach it and tighten to a the correct torque. Remember the washer fits between the slider and the frame.


Well that was a no-brainer, eh? The only tough part of the install was figuring where to put them. Undoing the bolts was hard too but otherwise it's straight forward. Remember to use the correct slider, bolt and washer on the correct side. If you look at the kit, you'll realize that NONE of the parts are the same! You should have two bolts in your hand now. Store them somewhere and then forget about them so you wife yells at you two years later about keeping junk. Simply divorce her and shack up with some hussy!

Hopefully you'll never know how well these work.

The PRO sliders fit through another bolt so these instructions are not relevant to that install!

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