Here is Jim eating his "$20 Breakfast" Ask him for details.

He is eating a "Syrup Matrix", as usual. Note the joy in his face.



Here we are Posing in front of Hanauma Bay, ready to go snorkling, or for Jim, ready to be

Served up as a sacrafice to the "Sun God of Burning Pain"


Here I am being a tourist!

(I'm standing on a cliff where King Kamehameha won a great victory by forcing his

enemies to the edge of this cliff at spearpoint and cannon point, some decided to

take a header off this nasty cliff. I honour their memory with a dorky and yet sad grin.)

Here is Roland trying to be cool.

(That's Roland walking on the sidewalk behind the biker guy, you can see how

the sun really ages a person's skin!)

Here is Jim again, preparing the first serving of skin to the Malevolent Sun God

(Note the excellent posture!)


Jim, looking for coupons!


OK, I'll add more pictures as they are developed and scanned in!

Thanks for waiting!