Dave Travis cello
Kim Humphreys violin
Elana Scherr bassoon
Elizabeth Herndon flute and trombone
Heather Lockie viola
Jennifer Tefft big and little flutes
Justin Burrill guitar
Kyle C. Kyle drums
Pablo Surname bass
Rebekah Greely oboe
Steve Gahatamous pharynx/plume/pianner
Emily Cummins clarinet
Julie Carpenter violin


How do you tell if a tenor is dead? The wine bottle is still full and the comics haven't  been read.Steve Grotterdamerrus

If we look very closely we can see that it's not a medical laser beam but an EYE peering at us through that tangled mass of curls, and this eye belongs to W.A.C.O.'s leader and keyboardist Steve Gregoropoulouz, the only person on this site who required a strip search and a litmus test. Steve composes music for the group of disenfranchised Julliard  graduate cum jaded rocker personnel, arguably the most uxorious  rock/neo-classical hybrid who yearns to pee in the same bidet as a wannabe walabee taking me koala back, jack. It must literally take laser vision to conceive of an act that can play on bills with rock bands and also perform live film scores to local artists' work. Mustn't it?

He is the singer.

He has a comforter on his bed made entirely from sheet music, and is nurturing a proficiency in prowling the clubs until all hours to feed his lemur. 

What does it mean when a guitar player is drooling out both sides of his mouth? The stage is level.Justin Burrill

Justin Burrill brings a little artistic refinement to the east side via his role as guitar player for the group Waco. He's not your typical noisemeister, having studied classical music from a tender age. The ex-Wild Stares axeman wants to bring the level of Waco, his latest project, "up to chamber orchestra status". Not such a tall order as it may seem, knowing the adept musicianship of the members of that expansive band. Plus, Justin's been playing with Steve, Waco's keyboardist and singer, since they were in high school -- so chemistry's not a problem.
Add to these aspirations his lust for the music of the Fall, Velvet Underground and others, and you've got a guy who's equipped to spur on this avant-garde juggernaut to great heights. Lay siege to the Waco compound to monitor his progress...
(from endless l.a.)

Elizabeth HerndonFace du Jour

 Some fun facts about that wild wacky & wonderful WACO woodwinds woman Elizabeth Herndon...

  • She plays five different instruments: flute, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, and piccolo

  • A Bay Area native, she is named in honor of the giant can of fruit cocktail on the water tower at Libby's Sunnyvale packing plant

  • Elizabeth is a handgun expert and NRA groupie

  • An innovator in the field of hairdressing, she holds a patent on a special tool for cutting bangs made from a coverted pair of tin snips

  • Holds the dubious distinction of being the only prom queen in Northern California to ever be expelled from charm school 

  •  (from endless l.a


    Face du JourKyle C. Kyle

    It's a well-known fact that W.A.C.O. drummer/film and pop composer/cinema auteur Kyle C. Kyle is, in one form or another, on virtually every page of all those "HISTORY OF L.A. PUNK" volumes that've been coming out lately. Kyle was the drummer for Kim Fowley's Venus and the Razorblades, as well as The Skulls, The Droogs, the Motels, Wafflebutt, and a host of other outfits. 

    Recently he documented a whole other side of the music industry with the film "Not Bad for a Girl", a psychological history of foxcore, directed by Lisa Apramian, which Kyle shot and edited. Now he drives himself insane running a web site for the picture, as well as being driven crazy by his duties in W.A.C.O., which frequently include sight-reading multi-signature compositions with the tape running. This is something most drummers cannot do. 
     (from endless L.A.)