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This is my homepage, something that I've put together to showcase some of my interests.  It was originally created in the late 1990's.  Yes, it's rather plain, but is should load fast. I'll work on updating it someday.

I'm a techie.  It is in my blood.  My father was an electronics technician, and had been an airplane mechanic for the US Army Air Force.  Mom had taken drafting and shop in the '40s.  I grew up with technical books for reading.  I come by it naturally.  I'd rather read a technical manual than a book on the New York Times Best Sellers List.  Unless the book was science fiction.  Or good fantasy.

I remember the name of my Chemistry and Physics  teachers in high school, but not English teachers.  (sorry)  

I took my first programming class in between 6th and 7th grades.  I learned how to do a good electrical solder joint about that time.  

Terri, my fiancée, has a Ham, amateur, radio license.  

So I'm a techie.  (shrug)  

To take a look at some of my interests, click one of the links in the Navigation Pane to the left:

⦁ FanFic is Fan written fiction

⦁ Photography will be about my interest in photography

⦁ Computers will be about my interest in computers. 

⦁ Software Used will be about the software used to create this website.. 

Thank you for visiting!

Steve W.

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