Wayne's Amateur Radio

Amateur radio station, primary operating mode is Automatic Posistion Reporting System on 2 mtrs.

Radio: Radio Shack HTX-242 - 45 watt max. Terminal Network Controller: KPC 3+ GPS: Garmin III

Computers: Mobile: Palm IIIe with PocketAprs Base: Mac 6100 with MacAprs

Antenna: Mobile: Base loaded 18" whip Base: Twin lead "J" pole suspended inside of pvc pipe, 3 db gain

Mobile system has tracked over 100,000 miles so far covering much of the USA in the last 7 yrs. Last trip

was 4,000 miles. Coverage has improved significantly in that period.

Base system covers most of Central FL from its hi ground location and is in an excellent location for direct overhead passes by the International Space Station and PCSAT.

When not otherwise employed the station is operated by the weather station below. MicroWeather (tm) was developed by David R. Anderson, KORX. Full description and parts sources are at MicroWeather Web page.

To see last mobile/base position go to the Aprs Search Page and to see latest weather data click on APRS Weather Station.

Wayne is also a charter member of the Seti League. Amateur Radio members dedicated to the support and operation of microwave monitoring stations searching for "extra terrestial intelligence". The receiver for this activity is the WinRadio 1500e tuning up to 1.5 Ghz with a Ramsey rf preamp. System is currently not operating in this mode because of the antenna restricted community which frowns on large dishes but plans are underway for a multi helix antenna in the courtyard. Meanwhile the receiver is used for general monitoring as well as direct reception of weather satellite images with a quadrifilar antenna.

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