Gary Walden's John Deere Story

    This John Deere B tractor has been in the family for most of it's days.  It was originally purchased by an older farmer from Roberts of Bolivar, Missouri in 1952.  The original owner had a problem that he couldn't get resolved at the selling dealer.  One day the original owner, according to family history, asked my uncle, Wilbert, what he would give for the tractor when they were loafing on the square in Stockton, Missouri.  In the early 50's my uncle Wilbert bought the tractor and left it with a tractor mechanic in Stockton to fix.  When the engine was disassembled, it was found that the oil rings had not been installed at the factory.  My uncle used the tractor very little.  He mostly used it to put up hay.  Probably to mow or rake because he had an John Deere A to bale with.  Wilbert's farm was west of Stockton, Missouri.

    My father bought this tractor in 1983 at my uncle's estate sale.  We drove it home and left in in the barn lot over night.  The next day dad started the tractor and parked it in the barn, as pictured, and never started it again.  Dad's farm is east of El Dorado Springs, Missouri. 

    I started working on the tractor during the winter of 2003/2004.  This is the story of it's restoration into a working tractor. I am updating this web site as the work is done.

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