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Welcome to Joe's world. I hope you enjoy the pictures, sound, facts, and (sometimes rather wild) speculation about the controversial movie Joe versus the Volcano. Please email me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Introduction to the Movie
Joe versus the Volcano is the story of an ordinary guy who becomes a hero after confronting his own mortality. He is like the hero of myth and legend who enters a strange 'otherworld' to gain a priceless treasure. (Exactly what Joe finds is the subject of a lot of speculation.) Of course, as in all fairy tales, he also wins the hand of a fair maiden.
Joe is a perfect example of what Samuel Harvey Graynamore was talking about in this quote from Patricia Graynamore: 'My father says almost the whole world's asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant, total amazement.'
The overall tone of the movie is beautifully described in a review by Roger Ebert: 'At night, in those corners of our minds we deny by day, magical things can happen in the moon shadows. And if they can't (a) they should, and (b) we should always, in any event, act as if they can.'
5/27/09 Joe-fan Frank has shared with us an insightful review of the movie. Thanks! It's under "Speculation - The Funniest Movie About Suicide You'll Ever See"

Check out Mark B.'s Joe versus the Volcano soundtrack in MP3 format. Thanks Mark!

Now included are mp3s from the legendary promotional CD.  Thanks to our good "Joe-friend" Albert for finding this gem and making it available to all of us.

As all "Joe" fans on this planet know by now, the DVD is out and looks beautiful.  One of the early reviews, by DVD Savant, can be found here.

Richard S., creator of this site, has captured a number of beautiful frames from the new DVD.  Click here.

A visitor to our site, Hannah B. had some interesting ideas on the origin of some of the names in the movie.  Her thoughts were added to the Speculation section.

The good times continue to roll.  First the fire god of the great Woo brings us the DVD of the movie.  Now a real soundtrack has emerged. It's available at Varèse Sarabande now. I personally am elated over this news.

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7/29/03 Hey, seems the Tweedle-Dee didn't sink in a storm after all. Check out the new Links to our favorite Schooner.

9/8/03 Jerry Waxman has written a new review of "Joe". It's available on our Links page or click here to go directly.

8/31/04 Eric D. has re-created some of the signs from the walls of American Panascope which cry to be framed and mounted on your walls. <g>

3/9/05 The Miscellaneous page has been updated to reference a new interview by Mark B with J.P. Shanley, Joe's creator.

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