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Images from the DVD (Thanks Richard!) New  

Photographs of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
pic Joe and Patricia 1 [161KB]
pic Joe and Patricia 2 [125KB]
pic Joe and Patricia 3 [101KB]
pic Joe and Patricia 4 [71KB]
pic Joe and Patricia 5 [74KB]
pic Joe and Patricia 6 [62KB]
pic Angelica 1 [61KB]
pic Angelica 2 [117KB]
pic Patricia [167KB]
Video Captures from the Movie
pic Angelica 1 [30KB]
pic Angelica 2 [27KB]
pic Angelica 3 [27KB]
pic Angelica's Painting of the Sun [12KB]
pic Angelica's Painting Compared with Joe's Face [12KB]
pic Artificial Testicles Prototype [23KB]
pic Ben, the Waponi Advance Man [30KB]
pic The Big Woo 1 [18KB]
pic The Big Woo 2 [17KB]
pic The Big Woo 3 [15KB]
pic The Big Woo 4 [13KB]
pic Cassi Sommeretti [20KB]
pic The Chief [21KB]
pic Clerk at American Panascope [16KB]
pic Dagmar [17KB]
pic Dede 1 [21KB]
pic Dede 2 [22KB]
pic Dede 3 [19KB]
pic Dede 4 [18KB]
pic Dog 1 [19KB]
pic Dog 2 [11KB]
pic Dog 3 [19KB]
pic Dr. Ellison [16KB]
pic Dr. Ellison's Nurse [21KB]
pic Duck 1 [19KB]
pic Duck 2 [11KB]
pic Duck 3 [19KB]
pic Factory Worker [27KB]
pic The Flower [23KB]
pic Frank Waturi 1 [17KB]
pic Frank Waturi 2 [21KB]
pic Frank Waturi 3 [20KB]
pic The God Woo and the Factory [48KB]
pic Joe and Mr. Graynamore [22KB]
pic Joe and Mr. Waturi [18KB]
pic Joe and the Hairdresser [22KB]
pic Joe and the Horn of Africa Salesman [22KB]
pic Joe and the Lamp [22KB]
pic Joe and the Luggage Salesman [15KB]
pic Joe and the Moon [15KB]
pic Joe outside Doctor's Office [17KB]
pic Joe saluting the factory and the moon [14KB]
pic Joe's Apartment Building [20KB]
pic Luggage Salesman [20KB]
pic Marshall [23KB]
pic Marshall and the Statue of Liberty [26KB]
pic Moon 1 [11KB]
pic Moon 2 [11KB]
pic Moon 3 [12KB]
pic Moon 4 [17KB]
pic Moon 5 [16KB]
pic Moon 6 [15KB]
pic Moon 7 [15KB]
pic Moon 8 [17KB]
pic Patricia 1 [30KB]
pic Patricia 2 [33KB]
pic The Rectal Probe [15KB]
pic Stone Head [27KB]
pic The Tiki Doll [19KB]
pic The Tweedle Dee [32KB]
pic Zigzag 1 [44KB]
pic Zigzag 2 [16KB]
pic Zigzag 3 [17KB]
pic Zigzag 4 [22KB]
pic Zigzag 5 [17KB]
pic Zigzag 6 [16KB]

Friday, April 19, 2002