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Cynthia Watts - Reviews

Cynthia Watts Reviews
Cynthia Watts with fellow storyteller Linda Stout at the Doyle Storytelling Festival, University of South Carolina, Sumter Campus, September 2012

On behalf of the Friends Scull Shoals, I want to thank you for your willingness to come out to the Ruins.
I especially appreciated you creating a picture for us of your family by the stories you shared from your personal background as well as hearing the clever and timeless African - American stories from your heritage.
Entertaining, delightful, cunning and enriching, there was something in them for us all, and your personal warmth made all the difference. We loved you.

Best Regards,
Laurie Sedicino, Curator
Friends of Scull Shoals, Inc.


Storyteller Cynthia Watts glows as she recites... and she does it with feelings.

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia


Oh, that we could begin every Monday morning as we did today!
Thank you for helping us to "wake up" our imagination. We did enjoy ourselves.

Nancy Blalock, Media Coordinator
Elizabeth School, Shelby, North Carolina


“I thought the performances were awesome.”

Michele Reese, Jack Doyle Festival Director


Thank you for your wonderful evening of storytelling! I certainly enjoyed it and I know the audience did. It was an appropriate complement to the exhibition.

Suzanne LeBlanc, Curator of Education
Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, Georgia


Watts was at her best ... she related the tale with genuine pathos and pride, freshness and vigor.

Macon Telegraph and News
Macon, Georgia


Our clients could not stop talking about you the when you left. You triggered their imagination so much with your spellbinding and fascinating stories. We went on to create our own story after you left. They generously borrowed from your stories, but it was such a joy to see some of them so enlivened and enthusiastic. This was due in a large part to your presence here. Please accept our heartfelt THANKS and may God bless you to continue your uplifting work.

Espinetta E. Dorsey, Director of Intergenerational Resource Center,
Ebenezer Adult Day Rehabilitation Center, Atlanta, Georgia

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