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Yep. Everything here is wicked stale. Try my blog or my .me galleries for more current stuff.

[October 18, 2006] : Playing with Google Sketchup : On the TimePhiz Blog
[March 11, 2006] : The TT Turns Two : Audi TT 3.2 Roadster -- More at mac.com
[December 17, 2005] : With Ethan and Lydia we baked cookies and played games.
[September 2004] : The Apple Pie Movie : See it on mac.com (31.5MB QuickTime)
[August 2004] : A summer of baseball (in four days).

REUNION LINKS : Reunion 99 -- San Francisco | Reunion 00 -- Boston | Reunion 01 -- Portland

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Here are two links that'll get you started; these reflect my general outlook and attitude toward computing [I waver between extreme cynicism and extreme addiction]:

The Onion
-- for the cynic

Today on HotWired!
-- for the addict

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