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Ch. A Show Biz Hippolyta

Ch. A Show Biz Hippolyta

Our lovely girl, Hippy, is affected by Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a genetic disorder that affects many Mastiffs today. PRA starts with night blindness and progresses to total blindness. There is no cure. At this time there is no DNA test to determine if our Mastiffs are carriers or if they will become affected.
We are very fortunate because Hippy still has some sight at 9.5 years of age; enough to "fool" the casual observer.

Most PRA affected Mastiffs and their families are not so fortunate.

Many PRA affected Mastiffs are blind by the age of three years; some even earlier.

Hippy has two brothers who are affected, four kids (three living with her) who are affected, many grandkids who are affected or who will eventually be affected, and one great-grandkid who was diagnosed as affected at 5 months of age.

Hippy, her kids, and her grandkids were produced before most of the Mastiff community had even heard of PRA. Many people still don't know about PRA. Our beloved Mastiffs give so much and ask for so little in return. We owe it to our breed, and to all current and future Mastiffs and their families to do something NOW.

Our goal is to assist you in your quest for information about PRA and to encourage open sharing of information so that we can all work together to slow down this heartbreaking epidemic.

Link to Deb Jones excellent PRA Page

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