You have just found WheelBenderMender, a great business for repairing bent and cracked car wheels, truck and van rims that may give you running problems, with a fix that we perform at fair discount prices.

PLEASE NOTE: We are located in HICKORY-CONOVER NC 28613 and have no other location in the country. WE ARE NOT PART OF A FRANCHISE CHAIN.  If you are in driving-distance please make an appointment, otherwise you need to ship the wheel to us based on our simple instructions.  However shipping back and forth is not included in the repair price, and the price depends on weight and size of the wheel, and the distance from where you ship. On the  East Coast  it is usually about $20-$35 one way (e.g. 14", 15", 16", 17", 18" size rims, 20", 22" and larger can cost as much or even more than $50 one way.)  If you are West  of the  Mississippi River it is usually not worth it, the shipping cost kills the total repair cost.
Weigh your rim or wheel with tire and get an estimate from UPS-Ground, or FedEx Ground;  "Ground" has usually the cheapest rate you will find.

We check what's going on, repair the possible damage (fix the bent rim) and perfectly balance the wheel, or all of your wheels, for a super-smooth ride. Due to many customer requests we also repair now cosmetic damage like curb rash and paint scratches. We pride ourselves that will be able to cure "the shakes" of your vehicle through SuperBalance™
which is "The over-all well-being of your Car." This is our proprietary certification of the entire vehicle that goes way beyond repairing a wheel. Later we will explain how Super Balance™ guarantees the well-being of your car and eliminates vibrations, rattles and squeaks.
Even if you send us only the rim we will include special mounting and balancing instructions for your local shop. We promise to support you until it is right.

WheelBenderMender not only repairs wheels, we have now also the reputation of providing THE BEST wheel balancing system as race car drivers, like Dale Earnhardt Jr., have received our services on their personal cars. We set new standards: our wheels are balanced to 1/100's of ounces, always, every time. No error allowed, results guaranteed. We see a lot of inconsistency and customer frustration in this industry.  If you  had a rough ride or "the shakes" and want a super smooth ride you may consider our  "Wheel TrueRun™"  for $40 per wheel. Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Corvette and Lexus owners are just a few that have tremendously appreciated this service based on time after time frustration with other shops.

Specializing in Repair of Fine Car and Truck Wheels at Reasonable Prices

If you agree that $95.00* is a reasonable base fee to fix and repair bent car, truck, SUV rims INCLUDING mounting and balancing for INSTANT BOLT-ON then stay with us and read further. We also repair and weld cracked rims.*
(*higher fees will apply for larger diameter wheels, chromed rims, motorcycle rims, boat trailers, RV's and specialty wheels, severe and multiple bends, and welding).
Please find our CONTACT INFORMATION on the last quarter of this page.
Concentrated contents summary: We are here to fix a bent rim or car wheel, weld damaged rims, dented car wheels or truck wheels, we repair dented SUV rims and SUV wheels, trailer rims and trailer wheels, discontinued rims, motorcycle rim, steel rim, aluminum rim, chrome rim or chromed wheel also welding. We weld / do welding for "decent" rims for automobiles like Alfa, Acura, Audi, Aston Martin, Buick, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Datsun, DeLorean, Dodge, Fiat, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Civic, Prelude, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lagonda, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes, Merkury, Merkur, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Opel, Packard, Plymouth, Pontiac, Porsche, Renault, Rolls Royce, Saab, Saturn, Studebaker, Subaru, Sunbeam, Suzuki, Toyota, Triumph, TVR, VW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Zimmer, SUV Navigator, Explorer, Suburban, Escalade, F-150, GM, Denali, Tahoe, Silverado, motorcycle, trailer, vehicle, boat trailer, in North Carolina, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Greenville, Charleston, NC, N.C., South Carolina, SC, S.C., GA, VA, TN, OH, AL, PA, KY, FL, WV, NY, VT, NH, IN, MI, NJ, MS, LA, CT, MD, DC, DE, NJ, MO, KS, RI, TX, WI, fix, repair, dented, dent, wheel, rim, tire, sale of used & second hand rims, wheels, tires like Goodyear, Nitto, Michelin, a wheel set or sets, after market rim repair (after market fix & sale), at discount prices. The typical rim brand are BBS, Moda, Bazo, Borbet, Koenig, Enkei, TSW, Arceo, MKW, Mille Miglia, Alba, Foose, Kronix, Eagle, American Racing, DOA, Focal, Lexani, Giovanna, Barbus, Sacci. Bargain prices for wheel set specials on our website, call or e-mail.

At a "shake eliminator" price under $100 YOUR savings are often OVER $200-$600 especially if you calculate the replacement cost of your rim including MOUNTING, BALANCING and TAX. Then you'll understand why this "package deal" is a true bargain. And, its FREE if we can't "mend" it...

We ask you to e-mail a digital picture to  (please if possible no larger than 350 KB) so we can see the DESIGN of your rim and with a short description of your wheel DAMAGE. We will then tell you in all honesty if we can repair the wheel. This saves time and aggravation on both sides.

Especially if you live in NC, SC, GA, TN, OH, VA, WV, KY, MD, DC, AL, FL you will get a very quick turn-around, and we'll help you to very inexpensively ship your rim or entire wheel from ANY STATE in the US to us and still get a VERY QUICK turn around. This is our OWN "TCA Process". And, if you get your rim with the tire to us you will get a PERFECTLY RUNNING "bolt-on" wheel back. WE know how to make it work perfectly: 100%. No further hassle with tire mounting, balancing     ...and excuses if you get "the shakes" after balancing. You will not find this QUALITY and Service anywhere else at the same LOW PRICE. Read below and make your own calculation...     You'll agree with us...

The damages we repair are typically caused by potholes, road shoulder dips, railroad tracks, and other road imperfections. The QUALITY of our repair is based on a HIGH STANDARD. No back-yard banging on your wheel. We use precision equipment and machinery. If it is possible to fix your rim you'll get a top quality repair back. We are very careful that there will be no scratches inflicted through our handling. Only sometimes there is just no way around this, and it may result in some very fine marks. We have added specialty welding to even repair rims that are cracked or may crack during the process.

Most rims are bent in the BACK, or on the INSIDE of the wheel; this is what we repair mainly. We are NOT specializing in wheel restoration or cosmetic repair. We apply the "TCA" process that allows to restore most bent rims to their original condition, many without ever taking the tire off. To save on long distance shipping cost it is advisable to remove the tire; but it is not mandatory. We actually like it best with the tire on the rim and you get FREE a perfectly balanced wheel back! The best thing of all: REPAIRS ARE VERY REASONABLE! ...BEFORE YOU CALL SEND US A PICTURE! (please no larger than 350 KB) We need also to see if the rim has a "lip" that we can use with our equipment.

WHEEL BENDER MENDER does not have a so-to-speak "drive-to" shop but is rather a mobile business out of Hickory N.C. and has affiliated drop-off and pick-up points. If pick-up can not be arranged you can ship the entire wheel, or only the rim for very little money. We will help you to get the best rate with the least hassle. Turn-around is usually within 4 hours, or better said THE SAME DAY* (*excludes shipping and delivery time).

Example: This doesn't look much of a damage but the 18 inch wheel with a 40-series 225 tire hit a road construction trench in the road and shook the car horribly after that. THREE of the four rims were bent. The dealer told the poor fellow that he needed to replace the rims "if" he could even find them. Cost: $272.50 TOTAL >>PER<< rim, shipping, tire mounting, balancing and tax. "Not too bad" you'd say... yes, not sooo bad, but still, roughly 275 bux per wheel is a lot of money when you read further and compare...

To make the long story short, we restored all rims to their original condition.  All he had to do is to get the wheels with the tires to us. And no extra mounting and balancing cost!   I guess you would be a happy customer too with about $600 SAVINGS in YOUR pocket! 

FYI: the Super-Balanced(TM) wheels actually ran better than when they were new,


ASK US ABOUT our BARGAIN inventory and connections to dealers with inventory. We need your make, model, the wheel and maybe tire type you are looking for. We provide: Used wheel sets, new rim sets, second-hand rims & upgrades, trade-ins, repaired sets, single wheels, repossessions (repos), complete sets with used tires. Tell us what you are looking for.

Here a few pictures of our bargain examples:


  • Please remember, we SPECIALIZE in BENT & OUT-OF-ROUND RIMS, MAINLY CAUSED BY POT-HOLES AND SIMILAR DEFECTS IN THE ROAD. This happens very OFTEN ON THE INSIDE of the rim; to check if there is really a damage jack the car up and spin the rim(s) on the car; DO NOT BE ALARMED IF THE TIRE shows height variances. What you are looking for is the "SIDE WOBBLE" and "OUT-OF-ROUND" of the RIM when spinning the wheel, and look ONLY at the RIM. We do now repair cosmetic damage.


    "Rule of Thumb":

    Our base fee is $95.00 per wheel. If you have quite bad bends or severe and multiple bends on your wheel it can be $20-$50 more (send picture for evaluation).  If welding is required it usually adds between $55-$85; extremely bent and cracked wheels may need special evaluation.
    (Above quotes do not include return shipping charges).

    WHEEL BENDER MENDER repairs the wheel/s or rim/s by contract, based on a compensation of a minimum US$95.00 charge per one single repair spot. This includes a maximum of 3/8 inch rim-deformation from it's original condition. WHEEL BENDER MENDER may charge an extra fee for each additional 1/4 inch. deformation (in regards to the same spot.) For multiple repairs on the same wheel the same pricing principles as described above apply.

    Due to the severeness of damage, existing cracks, material related reasons, etc. WHEEL BENDER MENDER may not be able to repair the damage. Besides, the rim/wheel/tire may crack/tear/burst during the straightening process and the wheel may become totally useless for any further road use.

    CUSTOMER must sign our "Hold Harmless Agreement" in advance and before any work is performed. CUSTOMER is required prior to work to make minimum deposit* (*$95.00 [+ taxes + S/H if applicable]). WHEEL BENDER MENDER will not charge for repairs that did not achieve the repair goal (*shipping & handling fees are non-refundable).


    WHEEL BENDER MENDER does not have as of right now a so-to-speak "drive to" location (insurance/liability issues) because we are set up as a "dot com" internet business and 98% of our clients ship the wheels to us nationwide as it is the most efficient way (except locals of course). We operate during "normal" business hours Monday to Friday. For more than one wheel we will make exceptions. What we did for customers before, if you really want to drive to Hickory N.C., make an appointment and we will meet up with you at a set day and time, and about 1-1/2 hours later you you'll get your wheel repaired and balanced back. 2 wheels take about 2 hours, and so on.... Go shopping in the near-by mall or bring some work with you and time flies by. Has worked for many of our customers without waiting in a boring waiting room... 

    If a meeting cannot be arranged, or if you are not close by you can ship the entire wheel, or only the rim. We will help you to get the best rate with the least hassle. Turn-around is usually within 4 hours, or better said THE SAME DAY* (*excludes shipping and delivery time).

    We ask you to e-mail a digital picture to (please if possible no larger than 350 KB) so we can see the DESIGN of your rim and with a short description of your wheel DAMAGE. We will then tell you in all honesty if we can repair the wheel. This saves time and aggravation on both sides.

    The reason why we want YOU to contact us first via e-mail is to establish a "track record" in our e-mail file. With hundreds of inquiries every week it is very hard to look back if it is not in writing. Just phone contact leads to confusion. Please always include your NAME in your e-mail, at least your first name and last name initials. Also, a phone number has often helped to call a customer back if we have more questions. We are e-mailing automatically our phone number and a shipping address back to you as soon as you have established proper communication and we know the wheel "qualifies" for repair. 


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