Specializing at Repair of Fine Car and Truck Wheels at a Reasonable Price
(NEW: Ask about our Motorcycle Rim repair!)

If you feel $95.00 to fix and repair bent car wheels, truck rims, motorcycle rims including balancing for an instant bolt-on job when you receive your wheel back is a Reasonable Price then come to us and read further.

Following an example of a wheel repair in 2002: This doesn't look much of a damage, but... ...ask the customer about its affect on driving. This Mitsubishi 17x7 inch OEM rim had quite a bend on the inside. It is demonstrated in the picture below by the red line.

We spun the wheel and held a red felt pen to the inner rim edge. The difference from the red line to the lower edge is how far THE ENTIRE INNER RIM SIDE WAS BENT IN; about 1/4 inches at its worst point. A gradual but VERY SEVERE bend. Impossible for the wheel to run smoothly. The dealer told the customer that the rim is shot and he needs to replace it. Nothing they can do.

  • OEM rim ..................................... $353.00
  • Mounting & balancing .....................19.95
  • Tax................................................... 24.71

    TOTAL ............................ $397.66

  • So, let's say roughly about 400 BUX TOTAL for replacement of the rim, tire and wheel mounting, balancing and tax. We say OUCH...!

    OK, so now look what we did to it...

    The green line tells you the final story. Same wheel, same spinning and marking procedure as above, just with a green pen. To prove we are not cheating look at the original dirt spot on the spoke in both pictures. You can even see the fainted red line that we wiped off before we put the green line on. And now we hand-drew the red line where it was before and show you the difference.

    See the enormous difference? As you can see we restored this rim back to its original shape. But now comes the JOY:

    FIXED for ONLY $85.60*! WOW! (price 2002)

    So, we saved him about 300 BUX!

    ... and then he brought us 2 more bent wheels!

    (*Prices may vary; our present Base Fee repair price like above is $95.00 per wheel.)

    WHEEL BENDER MENDER does not have a "drive-to" shop but is a business out of Hickory/Conover NC and has affiliated drop-off and pick-up points. If pick-up cannot be arranged, or if you are not close by you can ship the entire wheel, or only the rim. We will help you to get the best rate with the least hassle. Turn-around is usually within 4 hours, or better said THE SAME DAY* (*excludes shipping and delivery time).

    DON'T FORGET: We SPECIALIZE in BENT & OUT-OF-ROUND RIMS, MAINLY CAUSED BY POT-HOLES AND SIMILAR DEFECTS IN THE ROAD. This happens very OFTEN ON THE INSIDE of the rim (to check if there is really a damage jack the car up and spin the rim(s) on the car; DO NOT GET ALARMED IF THE TIRE shows height variances. What you are looking for is the "SIDE WOBBLE" and "OUT-OF-ROUND" of the RIM when spinning the wheel, and ONLY of the RIM). We do not repair cosmetic damage.

    (Serving Car Dealers, Light Duty, Heavy Duty & Semi Truck Dealers in N.C., S.C., VA, TN).


    Frequent question: "So, what will it cost to fix my wheel?"

    Answer: "Rule of Thumb" is $95.00 per wheel.

    WHEEL BENDER MENDER will not charge for repairs that are not successful.


    Due to the severeness of damage, existing cracks, material related reasons, etc. WHEEL BENDER MENDER may not be able to repair the damage. Besides, the rim/wheel/tire may crack/tear/burst during the straightening process and the wheel may become totally useless for any further road use.

    CUSTOMER MUST sign our "Hold Harmless Agreement" in advance and before any work is performed. CUSTOMER is required prior to work to make a minimum deposit of $95.00 that will be applied to repair or money will be refunded in case the repair turns out to be less severe or the wheel can not be repaired (shipping & handling charges are non-refundable). Therefore, WHEEL BENDER MENDER will not charge for repairs that are not successful.


    We ask you to first e-mail a digital picture to sales@wheelbendermender.com (please no larger than 300 KB) with a short description of your wheel damage; or, you can also fax the information to us at 828-459-0625. We will then tell you in all honesty if we can repair the wheel. This saves time and aggravation on both sides.

    e-mail: sales@wheelbendermender.com

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