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The OEM Windshield replacement for Suzuki, Yamaha and BMW Motorcycles
Tis the
WindStrom® page for the Suzuki V-Strom windscreen
2002 -2011 and 2012/13/14/15 DL1000 and DL650, K2 - K15 models,
Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Tenere

and BMW R1200GS (2005 and up).

The WindStrom® V-Strom wind screen
is the WINNER in the Motorcyclist Magazine windshields Comparison Test,
April 2005 issue, page 128. It has not changed its shape since then, but it got even better in material quality.

Click here for a scan of the page:  V-Strom Motorcyclist Test 

All windshields are "Made in the USA" based on highest quality aircraft-specification acrylics,
and not from thin cheap plastics.

NEW: the 2012+DL650 WindStrom® windshield with different custom options and the latest windshield
for the 2014+DL1000 ABS
Please contact us before ordering for more details!

A WindStrom® windshield/screen will make a big difference how you will enjoy your Suzuki DL 1000 and  DL 650 V-Strom or Kawasaki KLV and NEW your Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Ténéré and BMW R1200 GS as it improves the over-all ride comfort 90%, reduces the noise level about 60-70% and betters the over-all wind protection about 80-90%. All windshields are made in the USA with thick high quality aircraft-standard acrylics, and not thin cheap plastics.

We have helped many customers who were looking for a no-hassle ready-to go solution that really worksEasy, fast and no headaches, and truly highest industry quality standards. No short cuts.  We deliver all  WindStrom® windshield kits 100% "pre-assembled" for super-fast mounting. Our windshields are one by-one hand custom-built in the USA by truly the highest class aircraft quality high-impact acrylics and with 6.2 mm thickness the absolute sturdiest windshield in the entire industry. Custom and quality is not "cheap", and it is nowadays hard to believe, you get a genuine US made product.

Applying the same good principles of the WindStrom® Manta as on the V-Strom
the latest success is the application of  WindStrom®
  for the BMW R1200GS.

All BMW Owners please  CLICK HERE  to be transferred to the
WindStrom® BMW GS page...

R1200 GS Panorama 01x 


All SUZUKI V-Strom owners please continue reading...
WindStrom® Manta for 2002 to 2015 V-Strom models

WSdrive03b.jpgThe WindStrom screen adapts to the specific needs of all V-StromWS fron02 models and utilizes especially for 2004-2011 the OEM mounting bracket. It is therefore adjustable  and starts out at about +6 inches (+15 cm) over stock height and is significantly wider than any other windshield for the V-Strom on the market.. The solution is "different" but very functional. The overall quality, function, noise reduction and wind protection is to all customers very satisfying. AND, you do not need any after market bracket, it works well with your original Suzuki V-Strom bracket.  (It does however also work with an e.g. MadStad bracket, but you do not "need" it.) It uses the most expensive, thickest, sturdiest quality air-craft acrylic material in this industry.

Windstrom Dan and Cathy
The WindStrom Manta works also very well for passengers. Many times you can even ride with an open visor, and that is also valid for the passenger.

   The windshield shown here is mounted in the second height position. This is only a 5ft 7.5 inch rider (approx. 171 cm) with the WindStrom® Manta. The customer question that often comes up is:"Can I look over the windshield?"  The answer is: "YES."

WindStrom® Manta integrates also nicely on late model 2012-15 DL650's!

The NEW WindStrom® Manta now available for 2014+ DL1000ABS models.

When ordering, please go
the model year section, and then specify
your V-Strom Model-year and Model-number in the order.
We purposely do not automate this process; we rather want you to "think" about it, email or call us if you have any questions, instead of quickly pushing a wrong button. With that, the risk of ordering an incorrect part has been in our experience "zero".


The  WindStrom® TS easy slide-on / take off Spoiler Option available and for ALL WindStrom Windshields, and retrofitable! 
("TS" stands for "
Full-width integrated TopSpoiler"

The regular Manta is already a great improvement over the stock screen and it works for about 90% of our customers, but it really depends on the individual what the "level" of protection he/she is looking for.  The latest development is the "TS Option" (integrated TopSpoiler) which is our final solution. It really can't get better on the V-Strom, unless you'd like to ride in a car...  ;-)

TS proto
The slide-on TS* (*patent pending*) is a custom built option for US119.00 +TS 01b S/H.  It is ONLY for owners of the original WindStrom windshields and not for the general public
We have now many customers with 02 to 2011 WindStroms with this TS option and the feedback is "absolutely great", as they say  it lift's comfort up to Goldwing level without having a barn door or a flimsy laminar lip on the bike. The TS is a 30 seconds slide-on / take-off procedure and is professionally
manufactured with highest quality acrylics and support materials.  Like with all of our products we guarantee you satisfaction or we will give you your money back. Always contact us in advance if you have any questions.

If you are a present WindStrom windshield owner you will experience with the TS that it gives you the extra comfort and flexibility for bad and cold weather, and is quick to remove for more cooling air in hot weather.

If you order  a new WindStrom® Manta
and want a TS with this purchase just add $119.00 to the total of your order.

"Buy Now" will take you to the on-line payment;
please enter in the field "Item:"  "WindStrom TS"

                $119.00 + $13.00 shipping in the USA  (Total: $132.00)
  Replace shipping charge for Canada $23.00*, Europe 29.00*.



WindStrom MANTA
FOR 2002 AND 2003 V-STROM's

  To adapt the
WindStrom® Manta to the earlier
K2/K3 models it requires on our side a special custom production. The earlier WindStrom kits required the OEM short screen which is NOT used any longer. It is a complete OEM replacement and mounts in about 10 minutes.

What you see next is the K2/K3 WindStrom® Manta, a solution for all 2002/2003 V-Strom owners that FINALLY provided reliable wind protection with great improvements in buffeting and noise level. We listened to many frustrated and "buffeted" customers and they helped us to make it better and better. We now offer a complete and proven windshield kit for all Suzuki V-Stroms that mount in short time with minimum skills. All WindStrom® windshields are professionally produced with thick aircraft materials made to highest quality standards. What you can immediately see by looking at our screens is that we don't go only higher, but also wider and improve airflow and wind protection around the rider and passenger.

            WSTSK202b.jpg        Manta K1-K2 Proto side

                             02/03 WindStrom Manta "TS"        DarthVader dark tint              all clear


Pricing, Ordering Information: 

Price for WindStrom® Manta for DL650 and DL1000 / KLV models:

The new Manta is base priced at US$198.00 and fits all V-Strom DL650, DL1000 and Kawasaki KLV models with or without OEM hand guards. Putting a Manta on a V-Strom takes at the first time about 10 minutes or less. It uses the original mounting bracket and adjusts like stock to 3 different (official) mounting heights. WindStrom® Manta is about +6 inches (+15 cm) higher than the OEM Suzuki screen and is almost +10 inches (+25 cm) wider then OEM screen.  It is therefore significantly wider than any other windshield for the V-Strom.

We stand behind all our WindStrom® products with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee (no refund on shipping charges).  Everybody of our customers has one way or the other different conditions and preferences. We know it works for many riders different riders and there is no 100% comparison even with the same heights and inseams. Only by individually adjusting the screen to your personal needs you will see that there is an optimum position.


For instant on-line orders on all
2004 to 2015 DL models

please LET US KNOW WHICH YEAR & MODEL and use the following button.

NEW: the 2012-14 V-Strom WindStrom® windshield has also different custom options.
Please contact us if you are interested in additional options before ordering a "standard" windshield for more details!

The quoted base prices are for the "all clear" windshields.


 If you want a translucent dark tint called "DarthVader" for a custom look then
please add $30.00 to the base price. Size Mega Tall dark-tint DarthVader is a special order item, clear is usually in stock.

For riders up to 6ft 1+": Regular clear Manta US$198.00 + $29.00 US std.US shipping:  Total: $227.00

For riders 6ft 2" to 6ft 4":  Super Tall clear Manta +3 inches taller "recommended"  Incl. S/H US: $257.00

For riders over 6ft 4"+: Mega Tall clear Manta +5 inches taller to regular size Incl. S/H Total US: $267.00

Please add $20.00 for the dark-tint custom "DarthVader" look.

We ship usually within 1-2 business days FedEx-Ground from North Carolina. Typical in-transit times are 1-2 bus. days East Coast, 4-5 bus. days West Coast. International shipping is usually 10-14 business days.

All windshields work great with the
WindStrom® TS Option for $119.00 if you want "The Ultimate." 

You get FREE shipping for the TS if you order it with the windshield.

Non-continental US & International Shipping:  To Canada, HI, AK PLEASE ADD $20.00 to the US total ABOVE
to Europe, PU, Mexico and Australia, New Zealand  PLEASE ADD  US$40.00* to the US totals above.
*does not include customs fees and taxes that may occur by shipping to foreign countries.


Please make sure to confirm the following three points in the "Payment for" section:

  1. Year & model V-Strom you own (2004 to 2014, DL650 or DL1000)
  2. Size Manta you need:  Regular (up to 6'1"), or, Super Tall (up to 6'4"), or, Mega Tall (over 6'4")
Please add up and enter the total. Insured shipping is included.

Add Top Spoiler "TS" if desired. 

(NC residents must add 7% sales tax)


Price for WindStrom® kits for 2002 and 2003 DL1000 models:
     Base price for the 02/03 WindStrom® Manta is $238.00 due to custom production and different mounting hardware. However, the result is very rewarding for everybody.

2002 and 2003 DL1000's

(see information below).

"Buy Now" will take you to PayPal for on-line payment; please enter in the field "Payment For" year, model number and any other information or request you may have.
02/03 Model windshields are standard "all clear" screens

If you want a translucent 02/03 dark tint called "DarthVader" (same as later V-Strom models, see pictures above) it
is $30.00 additional to clear and a special order item. Delivery is approximately 3-4 weeks after order; clear is usually in stock.

For riders up to 6' 2" Regular clear Manta: $238.00* + $29.00 Shipping (Total: $267.00 )
  • For riders under 5' 8 1/2 inches we have a custom short version $267.00 incl S/H.

  • For riders over 6' 2" we suggest either to add the "TS" option for the regular screen that works best as a favorite of our customers (see TS description above), or

  • the economical solution is the single screen "SuperTall" +2"  Total US$287.00 incl. Shipping.

  • All windshields work great with the WindStrom® TS Option for $119.00 if you want "The Ultimate." 
    You get FREE shipping for the TS if you order it with the windshield.

    Non-continental US & International Shipping:  To Canada, HI, AK PLEASE ADD US$20.00*,
    to Europe, PU, Mexico and Australia, New Zealand PLEASE ADD US$40.00* to the totals quoted above.

    *does not include any customs fees and taxes that may occur by shipping to foreign countries.


---------------------------------------order by check------------------------------------------------

If you don't feel comfortable with that "electronic on-line ordering" you can simply mail a personal check, or a Money Order made out to

REV-International Ltd.
attn.: WindStrom
PO. Box 1304
Claremont N.C. 28610

Make sure you have a physical street/office return shipping address and a phone number, and if possible an e-mail address included. FedEx doesn't deliver to P.O. Boxes. You can also fax us a copy of your order with a copy of the check you will send to us and we will get your order ready for shipping: Fax 828-459-0625

For more detailed info use the following e-mail address. Don't forget to mention the model year you own and include your personal information, your height, inseam, seating position, what riding style and so on ...

E-mail is the most efficient way to receive information.

Our general office number is 828-459-0697.


If you HATE all that buffeting and wind noise
with a new WindStrom
windshield you will leave this behind.

  "We can't adjust the wind, but we can make Motorcycle Windshields that work..."