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  • Pocket Ref (Glover) - Small in size (5 " x 3 ") but large in content. Packed full of useful tables such as: density of moist air, elements; paints; minerals sorted by density; standard sieve sizes; material dumping angles; conveyor slope maxi-mums; flat steel specks; and many more. This book also contains a magnetic declination map and 50+ pages of conversion factors.
  • Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook (Perry and Green)- A must for all environmental and engineering professionals. If you do not already have a copy, its time to change careers.
  • Air Pollution Control Engineering (Noel De Nevers) - This text is intended to be used as a textbook in senior  and graduate level college classes. The text covers introductory topics to detailed control equipment design theory. The well documented equations and detailed examples have been of great use to me in preparing air permit applications. The text also contains numerous select problems with solutions, making this a good choice for someone just entering the field.
  • Regulatory Requirements for Hazardous Materials (Somendu B. Majumdar) - The CAA does not hold a monopoly on air regulations. This text provides a comprehensive look legislative requirements not typically associated with air quality such as CERCLA and SARA Title III. It does not replace the CFR, but it is a lot easier to follow.
  • Non-Technical Titles - Follow this link to a listing of lighter titles that may be of interest.

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