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Federal Sites

  • Chief - AP42 (emission factors) on-line. Check out TTN while here.
  • EPA Region V - best of the regional EPA sites.
  • 40 CFR - federal air regulations.
  • MACT Updates - track HAP regulation development and implementation for your industry.
  • SIC vs NAICS Tables - determine the proper North America Industrial Classification System code for your facility based on your current SIC.
  • Sun Altitude and Azimuth - determine whether or not opacity data was collected with the correct sun location.
  • Magnetic Declination - to correctly interpret the above sun location data, you will need to determine the magnetic declination (difference between magnetic north and true north).

State and Local Sites

Misc. Sites
  • Air and Waste Management Assoc. - good source of peer reviewed air quality articles.
  • AAAS - good source of peer reviewed articles covering all aspects of science.
  • ECO IQ - good source of regulatory agency links not found on this page.
  • MSHA - good source of information on respirable dust.
  • OSHA - we all need to be safety conscious.
  • Scientific America - good technical articles on all aspects of science.
  • Apex Instruments - good source for stack sampling equipment.

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