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Images from Kodiak Island to Anchorage

Pictures show Kodiak Island's lush green summers. Pictures of Kodiak bears as they search for their favorite food -- salmon. Pictures of commercial salmon fishing during the summer months. Pictures of the rugged picturesque coastline on Kodiak Island. Pictures of Alaska-wildlife, hiking on Kodiak Island, magnificent sunsets to cold winter beauty around Anchorage. Also showing Kodiak Island Alutiiq (Sugpiaq) heritage. Ancient artifacts uncovered by an archaeological dig to Natives keeping the Aleut-Alutiiq art and culture alive today. Also, shown is picture made of a religious Russian Orthodox reburial service of Alutiiq remains at Larsen Bay village, after the remains were repatriated from the Smithsonian Institute.

Another part of this site covers a Civil Liberties issue that took place in Douglas County, Georgia over public high school foot-ball games. The conservative Christian community in Georgia, tried to impose fear and intimidation by using terrorist tactics.

Heart of the Beholder Based on a true story of religious censorship, intolerance, and political corruption. This movie was written, produced, directed, and funded by Freethinkers from around the world and has won more Best Feature Film awards than any other independent movie ever.