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Chignik village(61kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager.
Chignik, Alaska as seen from the F/V (Fishing Vessel) Suzy Lynn. The F/V Suzy Lynn is a purse seiner, salmon fishing boat that fished for sockeye (red salmon) in the Chignik area. In 1990 Doug fished in this area for a cousin.

2 King salmon(47kb jpg)
Chinook king salmon.
Doug showing off a couple of nice King salmon when he fished on the F/V Suzy Lynn.

chinook (59kb jpg)
Large chinook king salmon.
Doug showing off an another large king salmon when he fished in Chignik, Alaska. King salmon or chinook may attain a length of 4 feet and weigh up to 100 pounds.

Chignik Lagoon(59kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Chignik Lagoon mud flats.
When the tide is out in Chignik Lagoon, a vast area of shallow water is dried up and turned into mud flats. Fishing boats lay in the mud flats when the tide is out. The tide ebbs and flows on approximate 12 hour period.

purse seiner (47kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Snow covered mountains near Chignik, Alaska.
Propeller kicks up water at the stern (rear) of Suzy Lynn as she leaves a Bay near Chignik, snow covered mountains as a back drop.

whale (78kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Whale along side at fishing grounds.
Whales are often sighted at the salmon fishing grounds. This whale came up along side the Suzy Lynn.

Salmon on display (61kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Displaying salmon catch.
Salmon on display on the deck of Suzy Lynn.

salmon wier(45kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Salmon Weir at Chignik Lagoon.
A weir set up at Chignik Lagoon by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF & G) to count salmon that go up river to spawn. Only after a required number of salmon pass the weir, will the ADF and G open fishing to commercial salmon fishing. Salmon return to the stream or river where they were born, lay eggs and die a few weeks after spawning.

Midnight Sun (35kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Chignik midnight sun.
In the land of the midnight sun, the sun will dip on the horizon and start another day. this makes for some very long days during the summer at Chignik. Salmon fishing boats work all through the daylight hours. That is a lot of work.

Sunset(52kb jpg)
Midnight sun at Chignik Lagoon, Alaska.
Watching the sunset at midnight at Chignik Lagoon.

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