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Kodiak Harbor (61jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager.
Kodiak population is approximately 8,000 and is the largest community on Kodiak Island. The road system is centered around Kodiak and the NE corner of Kodiak Island. The roads are not connected to the outlying villages that are on the west, south and eastern part of Kodiak Island. While the villages of Kodiak Island are very isolated, Kodiak is also isolated. The average rainfall for Kodiak is about 75 inches a year. Winter storms rage with winds that can reach over 100 mph. With the rain, snow and storms, Kodiak's connection to the world by air ceases. As the summer months near, weather improves and salmon fishing boat activity picks up at the Kodiak harbor. Also, in port, in this image -- an Alaskan ferry that connects Kodiak to mainland Alaska. More information for the City of Kodiak on Community Profiles, then select Kodiak. More images of Kodiak

emerald isle (78jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager.
The City of Kodiak with its lush green mountains that rise straight up from the sea. Kodiak Island is known as the Emerald Isle for its summer beauty. Kodiak Island is also known as the Rock to some of the outsiders.

Kodiak homes(89jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Homes looking down on the city.
A view of homes built on the side of a steep mountain from down town.

Benny Benson (68jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Alaska flag designed by Benny Benson.
Alaska's Flag of 8 gold stars on a field of blue, flying from the mast of a fishing boat in the harbor. The Alaska Flag was designed by Benny Benson. Benny Benson was born in Chignik in 1913 and designed the Alaska Flag when he was 13 years old. In 1927 Benny Benson's design of the Alaska Flag was adopted as the flag of the Territory of Alaska.

down town(60jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Mall area.
This is, down town Kodiak.

Dry Dock (49jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Boats in dry dock.
Looking north from the bridge crossing over to Near Island you see boats on a dry dock for repair, or have not been taken down from winter storage.

net repair (44jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Salmon purse seine net repair.
Purse seines spread out on the pier undergoing repair before the salmon season opens for commercial fishing. Docked at the pier is the cruise ship Seabourn Pride.

Boat Reflection (55jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager.
Salmon fishing boats reflection in the calm water by the boats docked in the harbor.

marina (67jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Marina.
The fall of the year with salmon fishing over, many of the fishing boats return to Kodiak. The crew's of these boats go out and enjoy the fruits of their summers labors.

Russian religion(81jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Russian Orthodox Church.
Russian Orthodox Church in Kodiak, Alaska. A reminder that Russian empire once ruled here.

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