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This site presents to the visitor wildlife and wilderness scenery pictures from Larsen Bay on Kodiak Island to Anchorage, Alaska. It is with great pride that this site also presents the world renown Kodiak bear -- the largest living land omnivore for your personal viewing pleasure. There are pictures of commercial salmon fishing, Kodiak Island's picturesque coastline with its lush summer green beauty, wildlife, mountain scenery, hiking and magnificent Alaska sunsets to the cold winter beauty around Anchorage, Alaska.

Ancient Alaska Alutiiq artifacts from an archaeological dig to present day Alaska Natives keeping the Aleut-Alutiiq art and culture alive. A link to the Alutiiq Museum where you can hear Alutiiq word of the week in audio. There are links also to other site that help in telling the story on this site.

Showing repatriation of Alaskan Alutiiq remains that were on display at the Smithsonian Institute and then re-buried at Larsen Bay, Alaska. The Alutiiq remains were returned from the Smithsonian Institute for re-burial under Native American Graves Protection Repatriations Act (NAGPRA). An elaborate Christian Russian Orthodox ceremony was performed at the Alutiiq remains re-burial at Larsen Bay.

The second part of this site presents a Church and State separation issue.

This part of the site I call: How I came to know Christians while living in Douglas County, Georgia. An example is presented on the intolerance practiced by some very intolerant, mean spirited, Christians over public school pre-game football prayers in Georgia. This section presents to readers how religious power is used and abused by priests, clergymen, preachers, followers of "the word" and politicians who try to use the government to promote the hateful religion. The terrorist tactics used by the Christian Conservative Religious Right make it a necessity for maintaining a strong separation of State and Church in the United States. Religious hatred and bigotry practiced by the Christian Religious Right shows a very dark and sinister side of Christianity.

Godless Americans

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The largest living land omnivore that may attain a length of more than 9 feet and may weigh over 1500 lbs.

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