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Alaska Eagles

A site with loaded with information and excellent images of Alaskan bald eagles and other birds of prey - by Barbara Samuelson.

Aurora's Northern Night

Jan Curtis Images of the Aurora. The source on aurora borealis (northern lights) photos in Alaska with links, astronomical events in Alaska Arctic.

The Alutiiq Ethnographic Bibliography

To make what has been written about Alutiiq culture more accessible to the public.

"Looking Both Ways" An Arctic Studies Center / Alutiiq Museum Exhibition in Progress.

The Alutiiq people of the Kodiak archipelago and southern Alaskan coast are deeply engaged in the process of cultural rediscovery and revitalization. Many aspects of Alutiiq culture and identity, including language, arts, and beliefs, were suppressed and nearly lost during two hundred years of Russian and U.S. rule.

Bill Jager