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Camp Quest
This is a camp run by secular humanists for the kids, grandkids, and so forth, of secular humanists. It is the first camp for secular humanist kids in the history of the United States, we think, and that is really neat, because we will probably all be in the history books, and you can tell your own kids and grandkids that you went to the very first camp for secular humanist kids. - Edwin Kagin, Camp Director, on August 11, 1996

Freethought Firefighters International --A Support Group for Nonbelieving Firefighters, Police Officers and Medical Workers
"I think the most important thing to remember is that We care about people! We have an affinity for life, and we recognize how tenuous and fragile it is, and as emergency workers we have chosen a profession that allows us to actually do something (with our own hands) that really can make a difference in the future quality of life people may have after suffering a traumatic or medical emergency. We recognize that it is through the work of people that lives are literally "saved," and not as the result of hoping or wishing or praying or adhering to some doctrine of belief." -- Bruce Monson

If a person has a delusion (or makes one up) which is contrary to the cultural beliefs of the time, then that culture classifies that person as some what insane. If that deluded person can convince some others that the delusion is true, then that delusion is soon considered to be a belief. If over time, enough people can be convinced that the delusion is true, then that delusion becomes a religion. Bye and bye, as a religion, that delusion is incorporated into the cultural beliefs of a group of people.


Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (M.A.A.F.)
MAAF is open to members of all branches of military service (active duty, reserves, and guard), their family members, veterans, and DOD civilians and their families who identify themselves as atheist, agnostic, freethinker, secular humanist, skeptic, or another form of religious non belief and who support the separation of church and state. Membership in MAAF is free.

Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.__P.O. Box 750, Madison, WI 53701

Campus Freethought Alliance

Student Organizations

Freethought Today. -- Freethought Today is the only Freethought Newspaper in the United States published by the --Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. -- Editor: Annie Laurie Gaylor

The Skeptical Review--Editor: Farrell Till--an ex-Church of Christ Minister.

Errancy List -- very active (sometimes-heated) list on the secular web where both skeptics and Bible inerrantists examine the Bible.

Dennis McKinsey is also the author of *The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy* which, you can be purchase from Amazon Books.

Biblical Errancy Website

Atlanta Freethought Society, Inc.__A 501(c)(3) non-profit, member run, educational organization created to advance freethought and protect freethinkers.

Alabama Freethought. The Alabama Freethought Association is a local chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an organization of freethinkers. Freethinkers are atheists, agnostics, humanists, and all other people who make judgments about religion based not on faith or emotion, but on reason and truth. The Alabama Freethought Association provides fellowship for Alabama's nonreligious community and fights for the constitutional principle of state/church separation.

Alabama Freethought-- also operates a Freethought Retreat at Lake Hypatia, Alabama.
Spend a day at Lake Hypatia, Alabama!
*Note: Primitive camping is available at Lake Hypatia. Tents and RV's are welcome. Shower and bathroom facilities will be available at Freethought Hall. If you are interested in camping at Lake Hypatia, please call Roger or Pat at the phone number below for details.* Alabama Freethought Association PO Box 571 Talladega, AL 35161 (256) 362-8729

Bill Jager

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The Secular Web

Restoration Flag, Pledge Allegiance, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum, McCarthyismIn 1956, the motto: "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of Many, One) was removed from U.S. currency and replaced with -- "In God We Trust." We are no longer many people that work as one, we are a divided people. Christian theocracy destroyed the unity of the United States. Religious fear and intimidation during the McCarthy era, created the change in the "Pledge of Allegiance" and currency motto. Let's do what is right -- restore the "Pledge."

restoration pledge banner, Civil Liberties, US Constitution__PLEDGE RESTORATION PROJECT

Restore our Pledge of Allegiance