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Conservative Christian Intolerance

Christian Pre-game Prayer at Public School Creates Violence

Religious  conservative Christian Intolerance

Religious liberty depends upon keeping Church religion and government separated

The Conservative Religious Christian lost the battle on public school pre-game prayer in Georgia and this site gives an example of how much hatred was practiced by some mean its spirited believers in the trying to keep their unconstitutional policy.

Conservative Christian pre-game prayers were held at the public high school and were sponsored by the Douglas County school system in Douglas County, Georgia. With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) this violation of civil liberties was corrected. The result of the lawsuit was the elimination of an unconstitutional practice at public schools in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. This court case took place during the years of 1986 to 1991.

A Conservative Christian religious belief system that depends on an unquestioning mind of its followers and a control method that instills fear and intimidation is tyranny. The Bible belt mentality in the community of Douglasville, Georgia tried to impose fear and intimidation on my family by using terrorist tactics as a control method. No one, in the United States should suffer abuse because of what they believe or don't believe. The unchecked terrorist tactics used by believers make it a necessity for maintaining a strong separation between Church and State.

Conservative religious Christians like to believe that the United States is founded upon their brand of religion and try their best to impose that belief upon everyone. All too often that we read misleading articles in newspapers stating that America is founded upon Christianity.

The Conservative religious Christian who like to impose pre-game prayer in public schools need to read Article 11 of the Treaty between the United States and Tripoli. The Treaty of Tripoli was signed by the 2nd President of the United States, John Adams (one of the Founding Fathers of this country) on June 10, 1797. One of the principles that this Nation was founded upon was the freedom to believe, or not believe. More on the Treaty with Tripoli at: Comments

Conservative Christians like to rely on the Declaration of Independence on making the claim that the United States is founded upon their brand of religion. The Declaration of Independence precedes the U.S. Constitution by 11 years and has no binding legal force. In addition, Declaration only refers to Deism.

The challenge to Conservative Christian pre-game prayers at public school football games created a lot of publicity in Georgia and nationally. The nasty telephone harassment calls and letters to the editor on this web site, is but a small example of what took place during the period and after in the Jager household.

For those interested this is an excellent link that calls for tolerance: RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE a site by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

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A government that will demand its people to believe "the word of God" and respect "public prayer" is tyranny.

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