Newspaper Editor Letter Exchange - Part 1

Dear Editor

Christian Religious Right venting their hostilities in newspaper editor letter exchange

Letter writing to a editor (especially small ultra-conservative news-papers like the Douglas County Sentinel) has severe limitations -- if the point of view is other than conservative Christian. In a small ultra-conservative news papers like: Douglas County Sentinel in Douglas County, Georgia (and there many such newspapers throughout the country) letters to the editor reach a limited number of people. The Douglas County Sentinel also tries its best to present a conservative Christian point of view; I understand this, for that is where their paid subscribers are. An excellent way to reach a large number of people, is a web site such as this. I doubt if very many young people even read the newspaper, but these young people and students are being instructed in computers. Computer literate students are entering the Internet daily and are being exposed to a vast amount of information, some good and some bad. Libraries may ban books, newspapers may present their slanted view, but the Internet is unrestricted. An inquisitive person or student can find a world of information at his or her fingertips. The inquisitive person my even be exposed to some very critical question about God and the horrors of the Bible.

Organizations that are growing in popularity, easy to reach by young people and students on computers with Internet connections include: Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (M.A.A.F.)-Web site for active duty and retired military. Young Atheists and freethinkers considering entering the military, have a web site to meet other like minded people. Maybe, one day religious folks will quit telling that old lie, "there are no Atheists in fox holes." The Secular Humanist Summer Camp A Secular Humanist Summer Camp set up for children, The Campus Freethought Alliance - National umbrella organization for college student freethought groups, Young Freethinkers Alliance - National umbrella organization for high school student freethought groups and a List of Student Organizations

What causes the hateful, judgmental rhetoric associated with radical religions like the Conservative Christians and Islamic Taliban? A quote: "I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good... Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty, we are called by God, to conquer this country. We don't want equal time. We don't want pluralism." -Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue - The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 8-16-93
A sampling of hateful Letters to Editor is shown on this page and on pages: Continuation of page one , page 2 and Hateful recorded telephone messages. It is people like this that demand prayer and the Ten Commandments in our public schools -- scary people indeed!

Letter exchange to the editor from -- 1986 to 1989

Douglas County Sentinel September 11, 1986 - Football game invocations are being threatened


This week the Douglas County school school board is working under heavy pressure of a lawsuit possibility from the American Civil Liberties(?) Union to drop religious invocation from high school football games. Apparently a band member complained that it hurt his feelings and the ACLU was contacted. It is very difficult to believe that one person will dictate to the majority.

The ACLU is not a governing body and it has no authority. They do bluff local school boards into a communistic, unionized state of ineffectiveness, wherein no one has any rights. They work well in a police state where the only ones allowed by law to own guns are the police.

Separation of church and state occurs in Russia, not the United States.

If 100 people lose a liberty and one person gains a liberty, is there not a net loss of 99?

The dedicated Christians, the ones who will not deny Jesus, should contact the school board this week and demand that they "stand up" to the ACLU.

I just looked in my Bible and billfold, and it still says "In God We Trust."

Ron Tishaw, Douglasville
Comment: Ron Tishaw attended a meeting with local ministers, where the public high school football pre-game prayers issue was discussed. Ron Tishaw sent a letter to the editor of our local newspaper, that was very effective in stirring up hatred in the Christian community. After being subjected to this much terror from a low class of Christians in the community; I often wonder, whom are the politicians trying to impress with their public prayers. Is it this low class of Christians? If it is, it is like the tail wagging the dog.

Douglas County Sentinel September 25, 1986 - Christians must fight to continue praying


I don't understand what is happening to this country. That citizens of this country are trying to destroy the beliefs of our forefathers with their liberal views.

This Country was founded on Christian beliefs. This has been and I believe still is the greatest country in the world.

But the issue that we cannot have prayer in public places and on public property because there has to be separation of church and state is a farce. The way I see it, the separation of church and state is to keep the state from running the church.

As Christian, a citizen of Douglas County and a parent, I cannot sit back and watch one 17 year old student stop having prayer before the ball games in this county. Many years ago many people sat by while one woman took prayer out of schools. I will not do the same thing my parents and grandparents did.

If we let one student and the ACLU do this in our country, they will do it in others.

As Christians we cannot and should not let this happen. If we do we will be back in Biblical days when the Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. If this student does not wish to hear the prayers, then I suggest he do as we were asked when I was in grammar school -- step outside and when the prayer is over, someone will come and get you so you can participate in the rest of the regular activities.

I know there are enough Christians in this country to stop this before it gets out of hand.

Thank you,

Robert T. McKinzey, Jr. Douglasville

Comment: I find it interesting, some Christians of Douglas County, Georgia, need a public address system (provided by the government) and a audience in order to pray. No one ever stopped anyone from praying -- silently, at home or at their church of choice. Also, the misconception in many of the newspaper letter exchange to the editor, that this country is founded on Christianity.

Douglas County Sentinel July 5, 1989 - Angry over stopping prayer


I didn't sleep very well last night, because I went to bed angry. And I'm still angry this morning.

The Jagers were successful in taking away our right to pray at local ball games. And now, with the help of a group based out of Wisconsin, they are attempting to stop the privilege of prayer at local Board of commissioners' meetings.

In recent years many decisions have been made by higher courts supposedly to preserve freedom. Well, we are about to be smothered to death in the name of freedom.

The decision of the Supreme Court giving the right to burn the American flag is a classic example of how some members of that court vote against the majority of the American people. However, because of outcry from local communities, we pray that President Bush and Congress will have the courage to change the results of that ruling.

Most of us in Douglas county wish to govern our own community and abide by a democratic form of government where the majority rules. We do not always agree with the decisions our local officials, but we do need to remember that theirs is usually a "thankless" job. We certainly need to stand behind them in their efforts to preserve the right to pray in public meetings. I applaud them for taking a stand.

Those of us who serve our Living Lord had best also speak up. Christ went to the cross for our sins. We should he willing to go to jail if it takes it to stand up for what is right.

If the Jagers don't want to respect the attitudes of the majority of the people in our community regarding the freedom to pray, there are other places they could live. And personally, It suits me just fine if they would leave Douglas County

Mrs. Betty S. Sparks, Douglasville

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