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Part Two: Letters to the editor -- 1990 to

Charlie Reese (Reese is a syndicated columnist) ran a article on the editorial page putting down multiculturalism -- listing all the accomplishments of the white race. Mrs. Cynthia R. Aleman (a descendent of Aztec's) took offense of Charlie Reese's letter. I read Mrs. Aleman's letter in the paper and thought it was nice and well written. I let that go and did not keep either Charlie Reese's or Mrs. Aleman's letters -- looking back I should have. Tom Cooper responded to Mrs. Aleman's letter, I in turn responded to Tom Cooper's letter.

Douglas County Sentinel May 14, 1998 - Truth often offensive

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to Cynthia R. Aleman's letter "Celebrate differences" of 5-6-98.

Mrs. Aleman found Charley Reese's column on multiculturalism "a load of horse apples, offensive to cultural groups not listed" by Mr. Reese. The truth often is offensive.

Mrs. Aleman states, "I happen to be very proud of my Spanish (note Mr Reese spoke favorably of the Spanish) and more so of my Aztec ancestry" Proud of her Aztec ancestry? Proud that she is descended from a cannibalistic, human-sacrificing, pagan-worshipping culture? Call me old fashion but that does not strike me as something to be proud of.

In her letter Mrs Aleman uses "ethnically different". The word ethnically comes from the word ethnic Ethnic means "of nations or groups neither Christian or Jewish; heathen." Heathen means "any person or people worshiping many gods; pagan." Pagan means "any person or people who worships false gods."

The concept of multiculturalism is not a humanitarian issue of being sensitive to those who are ethnically different but of embracing their false gods. The new age idea of multiculturalism is not new as the Torah very well records. The Hebrew people attempted, against Jehovah's instructions, multiculturalism (ethnic assimilation) numerous times with disastrous results. The new age movement of multiculturalism is about our nation's renunciation of Jehovah and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ and inviting the destructive false gods of pagan cultures into our nation. A person, a people, a nation can not serve two masters, or in the case of multiculturalism many masters, and remain harmonious Multiculturalism forces acceptance of practices which some cultures know are wrong, or, as the Spanish discovered regarding the Aztecs heinous.

Wars and civil wars are not the result of prejudice or intolerance (I am surprised this new age word escaped usage by Mrs. Aleman). Wars come from lust or, modernly speaking, greed. One people observes something another people possess and a desire; to have infects them. They become obsessed with this desire this is covetousness. So they spout mantras and slogans working themselves up into a righteous cause to justify the destructive horrific acts they will commit in order to satiate their lust/greed. From this comes wars.

Jesus Christ came not to conquer prejudice as Mrs. Aleman proposes, He did not come advocating a nationwide reconciliation effort on cultural diversity as proposed by the Womens Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention. Peace among cultural and ethnically different groups was not His goal. In Luke 12:51 Jesus Christ said, "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? Nay; but rather division:" KJV. A much weightier concern was His which involved the eternal souls of humans. The reconciliation of sinful mankind to a HOLY GOD is the purpose for which He came. Jesus Christ came to tell the world's people we are condemned by our sins, but God loves us so much He would and did sacrifice His only begotten Son Jesus Christ so that whosoever believes in (trusts) Him will not suffer eternal condemnation but have everlasting life. This is the gospel Jesus Christ commands us to take to the ethnically different.

In Mark 16:15-16 Jesus Christ said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned." KJV. Notice Jesus Christ said, "Go ye into all the world", not bring the world into your nation. This the directive is in accordance with His Father's instructions in Torah about keeping the nation pure from the influence of false gods. Totally opposite from the new agers multiculturalistic ethnic diversity "horse appled" which Mrs. Aleman proposes we embrace.

The new age mantras Mrs. Aleman has recited for us at first appear clear and good. However upon closer examination through the prism of the Holy Bible their true colors come into focus and what we see is not beautiful.

Tom Cooper, Douglasville
My response:
Douglas County Sentinel -May 23, 1998 -Letter Was disgusting
Dear Editor,

I found Tom Cooper's letter to the editor on "Truth often offensive" of May 14, 1998 in the Douglas County Sentinel -- disgusting and uncalled for. Mr. Cooper's religiously pious attitude and condescending remarks about Mrs. Aleman's Aztec ancestry is about what I have learned to expect from some Christians. If Mr. Cooper is an example of Christianity, I am proud that I am not a Christian! I do not know of what race Mr. Cooper belongs, but he sounds white to me. Mr. Cooper should trace the evolution of his own ancestors, he may find that some of them were cannibalistic and human sacrificing.

Better yet, since Mr. Cooper likes to look through the prism of the Holy Bible and places his pious attitude on Bible morality, perhaps he should take the time read it. Just as an example read the barbaric act in 1 Samuel 15. In 1st Samuel 15 God commands his favorite nation to commit genocide against another nation by killing their men and women, infants and suckling children to include killing all their livestock. Being of a different time is not a satisfactory answer; this is the same God of the Bible that you worship today. A God that sent out an army with spears and swords to kill the old, the crippled, the infants and even those children that were still nursing. It sure must've been a holy bloody mess - a battlefield littered with the old, lame, infants and nursing children. Mr. Cooper may want to investigate the reasons for this bloody atrocity.

Presenting hypothetical how-it-could-have-been scenario to explain such an atrocity is unsatisfactory, let the Bible speak for itself. If this is viewed as a high moral standard then Adolph Hitler had high moral standards. By the way, Adolph Hitler was a Christian. Could it simply be as human moral standards evolved to what they are today, so did your God. If there is a God, it is not the God of the Bible.

Bill Jager, Douglasville

The Douglas County Sentinel ran a article in the editorial section on Jan 6, 1998 under the heading- "Bible contains truth and inspiration." That article was written by Jim Davidson -- a Christian businessman and syndicated columnist. In the article he states:
". . . Who should read the Bible? The young: to learn how to live. The old: to know humility. The rich: for compassion. The poor: for comfort. The dreamer: for enchantment. The practical: for counsel. The weak: for strength. The strong: for direction. The haughty: for warning. The humble: for exaltation. The troubled: for peace. The weary: for rest. The sinner: for salvation. The doubting: for assurance. Al1 Christians: for guidance . . ."
My response:
Douglas County Sentinel -January 13, 1998 - Religion is divisive

Dear Editor,

I found Jim Davidsons article "Bible contains truth and inspiration" (Jan 6, 1998 Douglas County Sentinel) interesting. If Jim Davidson reads the Bible through once a year, he must have found the errors and contradictions contained therein. Mr. Davidson, like most Christian only praises portions of the Bible while ignoring that which is not so nice. Anyone who would take the time to study the Bible would find that ethics carried out on orders from God in the Old Testament are barbaric to the extreme (example 1 Samuel 15). Murder and genocide are rampant in the Bible. The massacring of innocent children and the old and lame on commands from God may inspire Mr. Davidson, but I view it in disgust. What Christian follows the teachings of Jesus by giving to everyone who begs from you (Luke 6:30)? If someone steals from you, are you going to give him more? Do you turn the other cheek? Do you do good to those that persecute you? Do you not worry about clothing and food? No need to because God will provide. I also read the Bible, not just those parts that Christians pick and choose to promote. The Bible may be the all-time best seller, but it is the least read book. My suggestion is for Christians to read and study the Bible, analyze it scientifically, look at the errors and compare the contradictions.

I would also suggest for Christians to study and compare Christianity with much older religions to see how much influence they had on Christianity. By the time that Jesus came along, virgin birth saviors were dime a dozen. Your ministers may know this, but they certainly are not going to preach or talk about it. An interesting comparison would be that of Krishna, who lived about 900 to 1200 years before Christ. Krishna was miraculously conceived from a divine incarnation. Krishna was of royal descent. Devatas (angels) sang songs of praise at his birth. Krishna was visited at birth by shepherds. A reigning monarch wanted Krishna kill at birth and issued a decree that all infants be put to death just get him. Krishna performed miracles, healed the sick, washed the feet of the Brahmins and like Christ in the end -- crucified. There is much more, but this is sufficient to make the point.

Then there is the comparison to Buddha (the enlightened one). Buddha was born 643 BC and died 563 BC. Buddha was a descent from ancestral monarchs, he was born of a virgin mother, his conception was announced by a divine messenger, he was visited by wise men who brought gifts. Buddha was about 30 years old when he began his ministry. Buddha’s first sermon was the "Sermon on the Mount" and forsook his father, mother, wife and child. Buddha fasted in the wilderness, was tempted and his mission was proclaimed by a voice from Heaven. The story of the prodigal son is found in both Scriptures as is the mustard seed as a simile for littlest. Again there is much more to compare I only touched upon the likeness of each. The collection of books on Buddha was compiled and became an established canon.

Religion is very divisive, each claiming to hold the truth and that other religions are wrong. Even within the Christian denominations, many know that they have the right religion and that the others of different Christian denominations are wrong. It would be wise for the media, educators and politicians to promote critical thinking and scientific investigation into all claims of religious truths. Investigate religious claims as if doing an expose on a news story. Investigate as if it were a criminal investigation. Most people have the ability to reason for they certainly know that the other religions got it all wrong, investigate your own religion as if you were buying a used car. Would you take just take the word of a used car salesman?


William Jager, Douglasville

Bill Jager

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