The Christian Way
Impose conformity by harassment

& terroristic control tactics

If the Jager family were the only people that ever received harassment for making a stand against government sanctioned religion that would be bad enough. Others, in different parts of the country, receive similar terroristic threats for making that same type of stand. In Little Axe, Oklahoma Joann Bell's house was burned to the ground for making a similar stand of Church/State separation.

What causes the hateful, judgmental rhetoric associated with radical religions like the Conservative Christians and Islamic Taliban? A quote: "I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good... Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty, we are called by God, to conquer this country. We don't want equal time. We don't want pluralism." -Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue - The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 8-16-93
See also, a sampling of the hateful Letters to Editor: Continuation of page one , page 2.

On September 30, 1986 in a letter to the editor of Douglas County Sentinel, I invited Southern Protestant Christians to listen to the taped telephone calls I was receiving. No one came to listen to my taped telephone calls. Very few of the threatening telephone calls were from the same person. After the telephone answering machine was installed, the calls did tone down a little and the outright terrorist bomb and death threats ceased. Bob Snelling (a Delta Airlines Pilot and now a Georgia State Representative) offered to pay for the purchase of the telephone answering machine. Mr. Snelling even came by my home and dropped off the money for the telephone answering marching. The money was returned, of course. Mr. Snelling knew that we were going through Hell and tried to help. Thank you Bob, for caring.

Tod Billings (a friend of mine) and President of Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, transcribed some of the telephone answering machine tapes. First, a comment from Tod, and then onto some very nasty calls from Christians.

Tod Billings comments: " . . .when I received the tapes and listened to them, I was shocked. This supposedly loving religion had spawned more hate than I have ever personally experienced. I was appalled at the things these people had to say. The following is a transcript of these messages I did not include them all, there were too many. If you notice a statement that doesn't make sense, or has improper punctuation, keep in mind that it is not the writer's error, I am writing these messages just as they were presented. Needless to say, most of these people were not highly educated."

Below: Transcribed telephone harassment messages from Christians

"William Jager, Hell is going to be hot." (older man)

"I want you to know, that if you are the person in Douglasville protesting this prayer used at games, that your crazy, and I hope they run you out of the United States." (older woman)

"Are you the Atheist son-of-a-gun that's sittin' der' filin' suit gainst the school, bout your poor, mistreated little son havin' to bow his head when somebody believes in a god? If you are I hope you go to Hell." (older man)

"Eat shit and die!." (young man)

"I wanna know where your from, Africa? You oughta go back there." (older woman)

"Why don't ya'lI move to Russia!?"(young man)

"Doug your a faggot ass, dickhead Atheist...your a geek...I hope they kick your ass right out of the school, faggot...your a fag." (teenage male)

"Burn in Hell!"(young woman)

"Jackass." (young man)

"Whats the matter you motherfucking son-ofa-bitch!? Don't you have the balls to answer the phone!?" (young man)

(Psychotic laughter) "Suck my dick, I'm gonna burn your house down you son-of-a-bitch!" (older man)

"The more I learn about Yankees, how could we ever lose the civil war?" (young man)

"I'm glad I'm an American, I'm glad that I'm free, I wish I was a dog, and the Jagers were a tree." (young man)

"Better watch out for that boy of yours..." (older man)

"You bastard." (young man)

"Mr. William Jager? You must be a goddamn communist, (unintelligible)." (older man)

"This is William Wright I need to talk to someone about your son, Doug, somebody needs to explain the birds and the bees to him. I want him to quit hanging around with my son. And uh..I'll all back later when somebody is man enough to answer the phone there like a queer." (older man, obviously William Wright)

"I'm not done threatening you, you old piece of...(unintelligible)." (young man)

"Why don't you just drop dead." (older woman)

"Doug, you're a fucking asshole motherfucker." (teenage male)

"You'd better watch it old man." (young man)

"Tell your son to get out of that band, nobody wants him." (older woman)

"Yeah, I got yer phone number you dern communist, you and yer boy, when ya'll go to court over there Tuesday...tryin' to keep prayr' outa school der, you know not to give your name, I got yer phone number all right now." (older man)

"This is God. You may call me at 943-5292, and your gonna rot in Hell. God loves you my son. You bastard!! Hang up..." (teenage male)

"Go to Hell." (older woman)

"Just wanted to tell you, you will go. down." (older man)

"I just wanted to speak with Doug, he promised me he'd spend the night with me tonight, but I guess he's off with that other slut...tell him I'll call him later."(older man, no joke!)

"This is a harassing phone call because I want my voice to be on Donahue." (teenage male).

"Hey Doug, you're an asshole." (young man)

"You better watch it old man." (young man)

"There'Il come a day when you wish you could hear somebody pray, but it'll be to late when your in Hell!" (young woman).

"You bunch of communist pigs." (young woman).

"God is great god is good, let us thank him for our food...I don't remember the rest of that shit had to say: (laugh) cause I forgot. You tell your son to go stick it up his ass!." (young man)

"You ole Atheist!" (older woman)

"You gonna bum in Hell." (young man)

"Scum." (older woman)

"You gotta be a test-tube baby...(unintelligible)" This same guy calls back and says "Doug, you gotta be a test-tube baby, cause nothin' as ugly as you never could be conceived by humans." (young man)

"Jerk." (young man)

"Bunch of Atheist son-of-a-bitches." (older woman)

"You bunch of commi' pinko fags, I'm gonna beat your ass!" (young man)

"Fuck you man. Better watch out, half the High School is after your ass." (teenage male)

"You bunch of Atheist!" (older man)

"I think you stink." (older woman)

"I tell you this fuckin' answerin' machine sucks! go to Hell you son-of-a-bitch." (young man)

"You're the Devil's workshop, I hope your proud of what you've done, I hope you praise. the Devil for what you've done." (older man)

"The Lord will punish you for what you have done!" (older woman)

"You communist bastards!" (young man)

"You sick bastards." (young man)

"Communist!" Same guy calls back and says, "You suck." (young man)

"Is Doug there? If he is, he's an asshole." (young man)

"Fuck you Doug, your an asshole." (teenage male)

"I'm calling for Jesus (his personal secretary no doubt!- editor's note), I just hope you prayed for what you did...In this world cause you will have to pay for that" (young woman)

Tod Billings, concludes the telephone transcription section of this page by saying: "Well, how is that for Christian love and charity? Mr. Jager also sent me a video tape containing about twenty-minutes worth of news reports dealing with his son's story. He also included an episode of Donahue about separation of church and state which Doug Jager was a guest on. One of the news stories reported about a school district that did not comply with the Supreme Court ruling, and continued their pre-game prayer This is of course illegal. The school district that defied this order was the Thomaston County School District (also in Georgia). When the Chairman of the school board was interviewed, this is what he had to say:"

Reporter: "What kind of message does this send school children about obeying the law?"
Chairman: "Uh, Well yeah, I can't really answer truthfully...uh...uh...that's man's law...uh...and I,m gonna do...god's law."

"So he basically would tell his students it's okay to break the law as long as it is in the name of God. I guess he never read the verse in the Bible that says follow the laws of the land!"

Other types of harassment included: Car tires slashed at night in our car port, mail box smashed, egged and the yard torn up by 4x4 truck. Doug continued to be harassed at school, but protected by his friends in the marching band. These friends are still his close friends today.

Bill Jager

Christians trying impose conformity with harassment & terroristic control tactics