Faith Based Religious Terrorists

Hatred, Intolerance, Bigotry and Intimidation

Avenging Angels filled with Righteous Indignation

September 11, 2001 - Victims of Religious Terrorists

Fundamental Religious Terrorists

The Faith Based Religious terrorists used commercial airplanes as a weapon of mass destruction that killed many innocent people is such a horror that it is beyond comprehension. Anyone who participated and did nothing about the horrendous attack on the United States on September 11, are criminals.


Some Christians say that God is punishing the United States because the Nation is not living according to their concept of morality. Fundamental Christians are of the opinion that the United States deserved to be attack as a punishment from God. Anyone who holds the faith based terrorists opinion that the United States deserved to be attacked on September 11th., are just as bad and horrible as those who committed the horrendous act. Anyone who says that the United States disserve's to be attacked by anyone or anything is unpatriotic. I condemn both people and the God they worship for being so heinous and callus.

Fundamental religious terrorists

In our own court system of justice, anyone knowing that an act of terrorism was about to take place and did nothing is as guilty as those who committed the horrendous act. The Christian claim that their God is supposedly an all-knowing, all-powerful deity that cares. An all-powerful, all-knowing, all-caring God would certainly know what the terrorists were about to do and then did nothing is as guilty as those that committed the attack on the United States. If this supposedly all-knowing god did not know of the attack, then he certainly is not all knowing. What Christians end up with is an unknowing, uncaring God, or simply a God that doesn't exist. What the Christians end up with is a God that failed America. Christian that make excuses for their Gods' non-action by claiming free will simply demonstrates how impotent the Christian God really is.

Praising and begging (praying) God to Bless them, the Fundamental Christian in the United States are now living in fear, fear of anthrax, fear of flying and fear of the next terrorist attack. With rhetoric claiming the country is returning to God, the Christian is God continues to bless his Christians with fear, less jobs and a faltering economy.

The Islamic extremists who committed the horrible attacks on 9-11-01, were lead to believe that they were serving their God and would be rewarded for their attack on the U.S. Gullible superstitious people the world over like the Moslem and Christians are often lead by clergy and politicians to give up their lives for some greater rewards in a non-existent hereafter. How could people so easily give up their ability to think and reason? Why are believers so gullible? How could people believe in a superstition that is filled with hatred, intolerance, bigotry and condemn all others that do not believe as they do? Is this because Fundamentalists think their God is good and every other God is evil? Any government that will allow a religion to be imposed on the people is evil.

Extremist Fundamental Religious Terrorists

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