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(Seattle Textile Computer User's Group)
1311 NE Ravenna Blvd.
(between Brooklyn Ave. NE and University Way NE)
Seattle, Washington, 98105

From the South take the 65th street exit (#170) off I-5. At the bottom of the off ramp take the "soft" right onto Ravenna Blvd, the street with the trees down the middle. Go about 5 blocks till you pass Brooklyn Ave NE.

From the North take the 65th/70th street exit off I-5 and turn left to cross back over the freeway. At the first light, Roosevelt way NE, turn right down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, Ravenna Blvd. NE, turn left and go 2 and a half blocks. You'll pass Brooklyn Ave. NE.

We're on the south side of the street next to the alley in a storefront with plants in the window and the name on the glass. If there is no parking in front, park half a block away on Brooklyn along the west edge of Cowen park (the No Parking sign reads from "2AM to 5 AM" and I doubt you'll be there then.