Classes are held at The Computer Workshop, 1311 NE Ravenna Blvd., Seattle, Washington

An individual custom class or help with a specific project is $75 per hour.
Training tailored to your specific needs and schedule: personalized private instruction or help with your problem project (a second person can watch for no additional charge, $20/hour more if we use an additional computer). There is a $20 minimum charge for private instruction and file conversions. Call 523-0872 to make arrangements. On-site training is available at a higher rate.

Available software includes:  

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh

Word Processing:
Microsoft Word (Win, Mac)
Microsoft Works (Win, Mac)
Apple Works (Mac)
Corel Word Perfect (Win, Mac)
Star Office (Win)

Lotus 1-2-3 (Win)
Microsoft Excel (Win, Mac)
Microsoft Works (DOS, Mac, Win)
Apple Works (Mac)
Star Office (Win)

Microsoft Outlook (Win)
Microsoft Project (Win, Mac)

Claris FileMaker Pro (Mac, Win)
Microsoft Access (Win)
Microsoft Works (DOS, Win, Mac)
Apple Works (Mac)

Web Page Design:
Netscape Composer (Win, Mac)
Adobe GoLive (Win, Mac)
Macromedia Dreamweaver (Mac)
Microsoft FrontPage (Win, Mac)

Page Layout: 
Adobe InDesign (Win, Mac)
Adobe PageMaker (Win, Mac)
Microsoft Publisher (Win)

Adobe Acrobat

Graphics (Draw-type): 
Adobe Illustrator (Mac, Win)
Macromedia FreeHand (Mac, Win)
Corel Draw! (Win, Mac)
Corel Draw Essentials (Win, Mac)

Graphics (Paint & Photo-editing): 
Adobe Photoshop (Mac, Win)
Adobe Photoshop Elements (Mac, Win)
Corel Photopaint (Win)

Autocad LT (Win)
Corel Visual CADD (Win)

Adobe Persuasion (Win, Mac)
Microsoft PowerPoint (Win, Mac)

I now refer this to Accounting By Computer

Specialty software available for
Fiber arts (Weaving, Knitting, etc.) and
Stained Glass Design
Dragonfly Glasseye 2000, Corel Draw Essentials

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