Warren's Web Page of Miscellanea

This we page serves as a launching point for some of the Java applets and other things I have written or are in the process of working on.

The applets found here require the use of a Java Runtime Environment of 1.4.0_01 or higher.
If you do not have such, you can find the Plug-in for Internet Explorer or Netscape at java.sun.com).

Carpet Disposal Calculator

The Carpet Disposal Calculator is a simple aid for calculating the number of pounds of carpet being disposed in each state or subregion.

Carpet Disposal Calculator

Hero Armor Calculator

The Hero Armor Calculator is an aide for calculating the Average Armor Value and the Total Mass of sectional armor.

Hero Armor Calculator

Die Rollers

Here are some die roll simulators, starting simple and made gradually more complex.

3d6 Die Roller
(1-20)d6 Die Roller
(1-20)dX Variable Die Roller

Yarn Model

This applet was used to test out how fast a computation-intensive Java program would run in a browser, and how fast it would load. It was written some time ago, and currently will NOT run with JRE 1.3.1_01 or higher.

Yarn Model Tester demo

JavaScript test pages

Miscellaneous stuff to test out the features of JavaScript

Gathering information about the browser
Famous Presedential Quotes
Mouse Rollover Test/Image Animation

PHP test pages

Miscellaneous stuff to test out the features of PHP

Hello from PHP
PHP Browser Information