Hi!  My name is Zachary, I live in Georgia with my mom, dad & two sisters who are schnauzers too.  I am a white miniature schnauzer who was born in Texas.  I don't know when I was born, but the veterinarian thinks I am 7 - 8 years old.  I lived my entire life in a puppy mill in Texas until I was rescued by Schnauzer Love, Inc.  They took me to a foster home in Birmingham, Alabama along with 6 other schnauzers they rescued from the puppy mill.  My mommy & daddy drove to Alabama and adopted me.

My life is the best it ever has been!  I don't have to live in a pen anymore & nobody ever turns the garden hose on me now.   I never get yelled at now and I get to go outside on long walks.  I don't even have to hide my food anymore, as I can have all that I want.

This is a Very sad time for me right now!   My big sister who was my best friend in the entire world went to Rainbow Bridge March 13, 2009.  Mommy says Gretchen isn't coming back home but I still look for her everyday.


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