Decor Projector
Main Screen

Left Side

1) OPPO BDP-83 region-free Blu-ray player

2) OPPO BDP-93 3D Blu-ray player

3) Sony Playstation 3

4) Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player

5) Video Storm CSW02 4-in/2-out component video switcher

6) VUDU BX100 streaming video receiver

7) Lumagen Radiance XS video processor

8) Denon AVR-3808CI surround sound receiver

Right Side

1) Vintage Nintendo Entertainment System

2) X-Box

3) Tripp-Lite Line Conditioner

4) Oppo PD1020 portable DVD player

5) Sony SLV-N81 VCR

6) Motorola DCT-3412 HD-DVR cable box

7) Pioneer HLD-X9 laserdisc player

8) Kenwood DEM-9991D RF-Demodulator
(small black box on top of LD player)


Cambridge Soundworks Newton MC600HD left and right speakers,
MC300 center speaker

Not Pictured:
Main left and right surrounds: CSW Newton S305 speakers 
Center surrounds: CSW Newton S100 speakers


Cambrdige Soundworks Basscube 8 powered subwoofer


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